Monday, March 23, 2009

Deep thoughts

Sunday morning I made cream cheese-chocolate chip stuffed French Toast. It was so rich and delicious that I felt horrible serving it to my diabetic husband first thing in the morning. But, he loved it.

Every time I make something we always critique it and suggest ways it could have been better. I know a lot of people might think this is harsh, but I love doing it. Part of me is a perfectionist and the other part is food critic. This is how yesterday's evaluation went:

Me: Well, that was pretty good.

Ear doctor: Yeah, it was awesome. I loved it.

Me: The only thing I think I'd do different is sub out the old, crusty french bread for something more some buttery slices of brioche.

Ear doctor: (rolls his eyes) Brioche has got to be the most pretentious of all the breads.

Me: Really? You think so? What about Ciabatta?

Ear doctor: No way! Ciabatta is rustic Italian country bread...

Me: (interrupting) and Brichoe isn't an old French country bread?

Ear doctor: Well, Ciabatta is like New Money and Brioche is Old Money. Ciabatta just recently got all this fame and prestige and doesn't know how to wear it as well. It's all about flaunting it. It's not pretentious. Brioche belongs to an exclusive country club.

So now you know


Janssen said...

But. . .but where's the recipe?!

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I third the motion.