Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free luncher

I admit it.

Sometimes I go to a meeting because they've catered it. The topic? Not exactly central to my job description. The speaker? A bit boring and pretentious. The food?Free? I'm in!

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is lured out of the semi-privacy of their personal cubical by the siren call of free Quiznos. How can I be sure of this? Well, after 5+ years of crack investigative observation I've begun to be able to spot the signs of the free-loader-luncher.

The most obvious sign is the inevitable post-carb-not-at-all-interested snooze that overtakes the offender about 20 minutes into the presentation. Sometimes I am just BLOWN away by another person's blatant mid-meeting naps. I look around and notice that someone has completely konked out and I am simultaneously shocked and impressed.

Shocked because, well, everyone can see you asleep buddy! Aren't you worried about your reputation? Don't you feel the tiniest bit of obligation to pay attention when you've just snarfed their free lunch offering?

However, it is a bit impressive that they are so sure of themselves that something like that doesn't even register on their embarrass-o-meter. I bet they wouldn't even blink if they found they'd had spinach in their teeth for an hour or their fly was down. What would it be like to be that laid back? I have no idea.


Janssen said...

I've never been called laid back and for darn good reason.

Lady Susan said...

Or.....they are supposed to go to the meeting but still fall asleep. Yeah, that would be me. I mean what can one expect after they feed you, then dim the lights for the power point presentation, and then make you sit there quietly for an hour? I am sorry, I just can't NOT nod off. I think you would see more of this if people had to give up on their after meal coffee. I am pretty sure that is what is keeping 95% of the people awake at said meetings.

TRS said...

I'm with Susan. Food coma + darkness? What other possible outcome is there?

I've nodded off before - and I was embarrassed because I was only half-conscious - and couldn't wake myself entirely.

However, my worst offenses were innocent mistakes 1)a mindless dose of two Benedryl for allergies instead of one! I didn't realize what I had done, then in the 2:00 meeting I was slumped over the table and my News Director asked if I felt alright!
2) Surprised by day one of Mother Nature's cruel gift. The second it starts I am hit with incredible fatigue. Usually, I don't even put the two together, and I wonder why I am suddenly exhausted. This happened a couple months ago when I was in the middle of training and I couldn't even hold my head up!

Raven said...

The worst is when the speaker has droning tones to their voice? UGH.

When I worked back in tech land the dudes were always trolling for free food. If any secretary had ordered over for her meeting she always knew who to call to unload it, they were the best cleaning crew ever!