Friday, March 06, 2009

That grass is greener

Sometimes I look out my office window and enviously watch the grounds maintenance people doing their job. And I know, as a person who has had so many opportunities for education and privilege, I'm not "supposed to" envy manual labor, but I do. Sometimes, on beautiful clear warm days like today, I get so jealous of people who get to work outside, their hands in the dirt, making things grow.

As I type away, sitting in my ergonomically designed chair, breathing recycled, reconditioned air I pine for a fresh breeze to come my way.

As I pack up my things at the end of the day I realize that my body isn't stiff from hard work, but creaky from inactivity.

And when I get home my brain has been wheeling so fast all day that I feel exhausted. Not the good, man I just worked so physically hard that I'm dropping with fatigue. The bad, I can't even use my brain enough to figure out why my DVR didn't get this week's episode of House.

Right after I wrote this post I watched this talk and it BLEW MY MIND.


TRS said...

I think the same thing sometimes.

- whose idea was it to have people work indoors during the best, most beautiful part of each day?

And, I have always enjoyed mowing the lawn! I often think I'd like to work on a landscaping crew more than anything else.

dad said...

Be grateful, sometimes it rains and snows.

MSmith said...

My marigolds and swiss chard have just put forth their second set of leaves. Start an indoor garden, even if it's just a bean in a Dixie Cup. It's good for the soul
Aunti M