Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can my eyes smile too?

St. Patrick's Day and I have an interesting relationship. You see, my ancestry is actually from Scotland. My mother's maiden name was Laird, which is just about as Scottish as it gets. My grandparents have a Scottish coat of arms hanging on the wall.

I'm a Scot.

And, I'm not sure if most people realize it, but Scots and Irish are historically VERY different. Different geographic location, different religion, different language, different culture.

But when you have my coloring it's really hard to not to want to claim a little Irish-ness every March 17th....

What's a girl to do?


Jessica said...

Everybody gets to claim to be Irish today. :)

Kari said...

I have a very Irish sounding name...but actually my family was the other type of Irish (you know the marching type of Irish, that stir up all the trouble, the ones that came from Scotland originally). Everyone keeps asking me why I am not wearing green today...my answer is if I really wanted to honour my Irish (they certainly aren't celtic) ancestors, I should wear purple.


CageQueen said...

Loving the bangs. Where arst thou wedding rings??