Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night Woes

Last night, while surrounded by darkness I sat bolt upright in bed. I threw my balled fists up to the 10 foot ceiling and cried out in frustration.

I'm afraid we bought the wrong bed.

The first large purchase the ear doctor and I made together a little over 2 years ago was our expensive, designer king sized bed. It was luscious with the pillow top and pretty gold embroidery. In the store it seemed to promise years of restful slumber. I had visions of the two of us swathed in white silk pajamas sleeping on angelic clouds.

My dreams have not been met and I'm getting really ticked that we spent such a bundle of our beautiful and fleeting wedding gift money.

As I sat up in bed the radio commercial for the sleep number bed flitted through the transoms of my mind. Oh, how glorious would it be to simply pump more air into this bed to get a firmer, more supportive base? How dreamy to be able to fiddle around every night until the perfect combination was met?

But that ideal will not be ours for years to come. How, dear friends, do I remedy this situation. My uber expensive, big, soft bed-of-my-dreams is TOO soft. My spine has turned into a noodle. HELP!


Maggie said...

Aunt Marci always puts plywood under her mattress. It's at least worth a try since it'd be cheap if it doesn't work.

Raven said...

I hate our bed too! It cost so much and it's AWFUL. I lust for a sleep number, LUST. The husband seems to be comprised completely of moon rock and makes ruts in the bed, no matter what it's made of *weep*.

I have no ideas, just empathy.

Janssen said...

A few years ago, my parents bought a sleep number bed. Just weeks later, I went on a trip with my dad and we were staying in the same room. It was all dark in the room and we were both going to sleep and suddenly, out of the dark, from the other bed, I hear my dad say "I miss my bed so so much. Have I told you how much I LOVE the sleep number bed?"

MrsEm said...

Ditch the box spring and replace it with a platform bed or piece of wood. We have a super cheap mattress and this works wonders when combined with a memory foam topper.

Kari said...

I ditto MrsEm...get a platform bed. Or do what I did and go out and buy a $150 mattress...it is great!!


Courtney said...

I second (or third??) the plywood idea. I didn't think it would work - but it does. Try it!!

CageQueen said...

Perhaps you could get a memory foam topper for it? Those provide stability, believe it or not.

Reb said...

All right, so start saving now for a sleep number bed. They are "Da Bomb." If I may talk ghetto for a second. For right now, I might suggest getting an egg carton mattress pad or two. Then, there is always flipping the mattress, but I don't know if that's an option for a pillow top. Also, you could just switch sides with your husband for April fools. It goes over like a lead balloon. I look forward to you getting the sleep number. Once you go sleep number, you never go back.