Friday, February 26, 2010

Wish me luck

How am I supposed to concentrate on getting anything done today when the following two things have happened:

1) My Colorado State tax refund just hit my checking account and

2) The ear doctor said we could go shopping after work and buy a new dining room table!!!!

So VERY excited over here that we might actually get rid of the full sized bed that has been in the dining room for the last 4 months!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready for my closeup

Last night as I was driving down my street after work. I was tired and just wanted to get home and put my feet up.

As I got closer and closer to my driveway I noticed one random guy pointing a camera at our house. Not a small, little point and shoot, but a big TV style video camera. I was perplexed. Why on earth would someone be video taping our cute little house?

I pulled up next to him and asked him what was going on.

He told me that he was from HGTV and was filming the outside of our house for a show!


I guess it'll be background for another couple who were considering buying our house, but we snaked in and got it before they did.

So if, in the future, you're sitting on your couch watching HGTV and you see a really cute gray little house in Denver with Christmas lights still up in the end of February, that'd be our place!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm not really sure how I got the bad wrap. Somehow over the past almost 3 years I've garnered the reputation of being the stick-in-the-mud early to bed person in our relationship.

We valiantly tried to have the picture perfect hollywood type of marriage where bed time is concerned. You know, you both get ready for bed together, pull down the duvet, climb into bed, talk and read with by the light of individual lamps on bedside tables, lean over give a loving kiss goodnight and switch out the lights. We both really wanted it.

But I just can't stay up late enough for the ear doctor's last blood sugar measurement and insulin dose (have I mentioned before that he's type 1 diabetic?...well, he is). And if he attempted to go to bed before the 10:30 rerun of Seinfeld his mind might just explode.

So we're stuck.

I hit the sheets around 10:30 and he stays up til midnight.

But lately I've been paying closer attention. As we sit on the couch catching up with Simon's American Idol antics and scratching out heads at the plot trajectory of LOST I've started to realize that I am the only one awake! At one point, just when Claire was swinging the ax into that poor "other's" gut he woke up and asked, "what did I miss?"

HUH? What?

How is it that I'm the late night party pooper because I prefer to doze off in my bed instead of on our couch?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of my rope

Usually I consider myself a pretty determined person. Give me a goal and I will slog my guts out in order to achieve.


This kitchen renovation is really testing me. It's long, drawn out and every single task brings an annoying learning curve.

Take last night, for example. We'd finished 90% of the tile for the backsplash and only had the fancy cuts to make. Due to the size of the tiles (not small or big) making these cuts has been EXHAUSTINGLY difficult. The tiles break, they aren't quite right, they don't fit in the field all the way, whatever.

Yesterday it took us 3 hours to get 5 tiles in place. 5 TILES! And we still have about 10 to go!

At one point I just had to hold my breath and say to my dear dogged ear doctor, "I'm feeling very frustrated," which was then followed by a break and a rapidly consumed row of Girls Scout Cookies. I felt like giving up, which is totally out of character!

This #$^@$@%">#$^@$@% kitchen is going to kill me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why we should keep the space program

I'm going to try to keep this succinct...but just be warned, I may fail horribly.

There are three main reasons I think we should keep investing in the space program: symbolic meaning, it's ability to inspire and the impact it has on technological advancement.

First, it's symbolic meaning. To be American is to explore. It is part of our cultural identity and heritage. It is who we are and what we've fought for from the very inception of our nation. I shutter to think of what Lewis and Clark would say to us if we just decided to quit expanding our knowledge of the world around us.

Second, the space program has the power to inspire people more than anything else...period. Just take a look at my comments on the previous post. No one who was alive to see the lunar landing wanted to cut the budget. I'm afraid our current generation takes for granted the fact that we sent a frail, weak human being to the MOON!

Also, everyone knows that our educational programs are failing our children. Scores are slipping, no one wants to teach kids for such a pittance and kids are seemingly less interested in math science engineering and technology. This, everyone would agree is a problem. How many kids are going to be motivated to pursue education in the above fields if we as a nation do not agree to support those fields? How will they be inspired to learn and work hard if there is no amazing science left to do? And believe me when I say that once we give up on the space program other fields will be left vulnerable. If we as a people don't care about advancing the sciences there is no point to work on our educational system where the maths and sciences are concerned.

And lastly, the research and development that has been dedicated to devising solutions for taking mankind into space has had some pretty amazing benefits to our entire race. I'm not saying that we wouldn't have come up with these ideas without the program, but it sure helped move the development forward. Here is just a small list of the benefits we see thanks to the federal dollars invested in the space program:

Semiconductor Cubing (making computer chips cube shaped that reduced the size and weight of memory-intensive systems like medical imaging devices), structural Analysis (the main technique that EVERYTHING is designed with now to predict when things will break. next time you walk over a bridge and it doesn't collapse thank space), air Quality Monitor (this is how we can monitor the dirty air that factories create and we can attempt to limit their environmental impact) Virtual Reality (Avatar was pretty cool, right?), CDs, enriched babyfood (a lot of food science has come out of the space program...a lot), water purification systems, scratch-resistant lenses, chemical-free pool purification (why don't we have more of these in residential pools?), ribbed swimsuit for speed swimmers, better golf balls and composite golf clubs, athletic shoes (almost all shoes not have shock absorption materials developed by the space program), dustbuster, shock absorbing helmets, home security systems, smoke detectors, flat panel TVs, sports bras, fogless ski goggles, transitions lenses, hang gliders, art preservation, microspheres (the first commercial products manufactured in orbit are tiny perfect microspheres. They are used when manufacturing requires really perfectly calibrated measurements and currently are used mainly for environmental control, medical research, and manufacturing), solar energy, weather forecasting via satellite, forest management via satellite, hydroponic plant research, fire resistant material, radiation insulation, digital imaging breast biopsy system (LORAD), and breast cancer detection, laser angioplasty, ultrasound skin damage assessment for serious burn victims, programmable pacemaker, voice-Controlled wheelchair, ultrasound scanners, automatic insulin pump, invisible braces, portable x-ray, MRI, engine lubricant, emergency rescue cutters (jaws of life), fireman's air tanks, self-righting air raft, Doppler radar, studless winter tires, improved car breaks, improved aircraft engines, emissions testing, electric car

There are many, many more but I'm attempting to keep this post to a readable length. If you thought the space program was expendable and that we have bigger fish to fry as a nation will you take a second to consider how many of the above you use on a daily basis. Would you rather go without them?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

From left field

Today I have a semi serious question that I really hope you take a second to chime in on.

Do you care about America's program of manned space exploration? Do you think it's worth paying for or do you think we should let other countries take our place as the leaders in space? Are you concerned at all about the future of our space program and all the related ramifications?


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minor medical emergency

I really try not to post about my dog every single time I sit down at the computer. I really do. I get it that you all may not be as excited about oh-my-gosh-he-is-the-cutest-thing-in-the-world like I am. But today I just can't help it.

I came home Monday night and the front door was unlocked and the door to his crate was wide open. I freaked out. I thought someone had come in and stolen him. I attempted to call the ear doctor, but it went straight to voicemail and his box is full. I may or may not have filled it with "awesome" renditions of Motown hits sung by moi at piercing volume.

About 3 minutes after I arrived home the ear doctor walked in with leash and puppy in hand. But when I looked down at our little nugget I gasped and the strangest basic instinct to pick him up and cuddle him washed over me.

The poor little guy went from looking like this:

to this:

I'm not sure if you can tell because you don't see his adorable mug everyday (thanks to my self control), but his face was swollen and hard!

Turns out the ear doctor had rushed Roscoe to the vet and forgot to lock the door behind him because was so worried about our boy. He could barley open his eyes and he'd been home alone for 4 hours! The vet thought that he'd probably been bit by a spider or stung by a bee. He got a shot and bottle of benadryl and 2 hours later he was back to normal.

But I was a wreck. Every time I looked over at the poor swollen drugged little beast it made me want to cry.

I have no idea how you parents cope with sick blows my mind.

Buyer beware

Let's talk about buying rugs online.

How am I supposed to trust what shows up on my monitor when the SAME rug is on two different sites looking first like this:

and then like this:

Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to shell out $1000 for something that may look like a sprite commercial vomited on my floor?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Wrap-up

You know how people always say their husbands don't remember V-day? Or how people complain about it being just another day and it shouldn't be a reason to do anything special? Or how some guys run out and find themselves in the line at Safeway on the big day with a sad bunch of carnations and a card witha fuzzy teddy bear on the front becuase that's all that was left?

That is NOT the ear doctor. He's pretty much the most thoughtful, selfless gift giver under the sun.

For example, this year I woke up (late) and in a frenzy to get to church on time almost missed these gorgeous flowers on my kitchen counter:

In case you didn't remember, blue hydrangeas were our wedding flowers. The ear doctor sure didn't forget...
Then, I opened a little box and found these beautiful earrings!

(please ignore my deformed little's the thing on my body I'm most insecure about so pretend it's just normal, ok?)

And then later I got to open up a pretty envelope and found this:

A gift certificate for a pedicure, which will come in handy as my toes look like a rodent has been gnawing away for the past few months.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Backyard dreaming

With the weather warming up my mind is drawn away from the myriad of projects to do on the inside of our house to the state of our backyard. Right now it's a big, glorious blank slate. In fact, one of the reasons we bought this house was for the beautiful big back yard. Well, it's big by city standards.

After watching where the sun falls all day long I've put together this design idea. Here's what I would want to do to the backyard if I had endless funds and energy:

The blue areas get shade almost the entire day and the pink get full sun. We'd love to add a flagstone patio at the base of our deck stairs for more seating/hanging out area. And the dark green area is perfect for a long veggie garden.

So here is my question: if you were to buy a house would a beautifully landscaped backyard be a selling point? Or would the big expanse of grass be just as appealing? Would you pay a little more for a house with a great yard?

Since we aren't going to stay in this house for a decade I'm not sure if it is worth putting all this work and money into making a show stopper of a back yard. I know WE would love it, but I'm just concerned about the return on our investment...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lovin my bloggie friends

Megs as me for a list of things I love and, well, since it's Valentines and all I figured you might be interested.

Hop over to her place and see what I'm loving!.

Hail the conquering hero

Hooray! The ear doctor is back! Not only did he get to go to Disneyland a few times but he totally kicked some serious Audiology/Neuroscience booty! I'm so proud of him.

After 8 grueling days filled with papa john's pizza and kraft macaroni and cheese my man has returned to save my eating habits. In fact, this morning I've already assembled a pretty awesome menu and shopping list for next week. I'm actually looking forward to grocery shopping.

A first in my life.

I'm pretty excited that Valentines day lands on a Sunday this year. As a family the ear doctor and I try not to go out on Sunday's as a way to rest and recoup for the week. The result? I get to spend the whole day making a simply perfect dinner for us.

I'm sure those of you who stay home everyday and cook for your families day in and day out just recoiled a bit. But for me, it's a total luxury to turn on some tunes, pour myself something delicious and get to work in the kitchen.

My brand spankin new, almost finished kitchen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Desperate measures

Today after lunch I was so desperate for something sweet that I actually reached into the depths of my purse and pulled out that single stray piece of gum that's been lingering in the blackness for months now.

I unwrapped the sucker and actually had to brush gritty crumbs off before gingerly sticking it in my mouth.

You know what's worse that not having something sweet to state a craving?

Chewing sand...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Missing you bad

For the last week the ear doctor has been nerding it up at conference in California. From his reports it sounds pretty awesome and like he's learning a ton.

But I hate it when he's gone.

It's weird to sleep in a quiet bedroom. And since he's the one that usually takes out the trash the bags are just piling up next to the can. He always locks the doors at night so without him I'm paranoid that I forgot to do it and end up staggering across the living room at 2:47 am just to make sure the deadbolt is in place.

But mostly I miss him because he makes me eat well.

On my own I don't do well.

For example, yesterday I ate the following:

12:34 pm Two fists full of cocoa roast almonds
3:24 pm Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke from Wendy's
5:15 pm Ravenously consumed a small mountain of Teddy Grahams and milk
7:47 pm Heaping pile of buttery, salt popcorn

Please, ear doctor, come back soon! The leafy bunch of kale in the fridge eagerly awaits your arrival...and my colon can't take much more of this!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Shut in

You know what isn't really fair?

Getting the flu TWICE in one season.

I blame my little sister. She's the one who brought her sick kids to my house, the result of which was my for 2 weeks on the couch.

And because I know how horrible it is to get sick I didn't want to risk passing it on to anyone else. I stayed cloistered up in my house, buried by quilts and didn't even look in the ear doctor's direction for fear of infecting him.

By Friday I was about 98% over it.

Sunday I still had a cough, but figured it would be alright to go out in the world and attend a friend's superbowl party. Especially since this friend just had high risk baby a month ago and I was dying to check in and and see how she was doing.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU I HAD TO GET OUT. My weak grasp on sanity was beginning to falter.

Her baby was born with CDH which means that there was a little hole in her diaphragm. Intestines flowed up and prevented her little left lung from developing. Scary, scary stuff, but since the baby's been born things have gone as well as possible. Really, it's been miraculous. But she'll probably always have respiratory problems, and still isn't home from the hospital.

Which is why I only felt a twinge of guilt when I coughed a few times during the party.

My friend, the mother, told me that for the next year their life will revolve around hand sanitiser and isolation. Visitors will be asked to shower and change clothes before even seeing the little one. Casual trips to the grocery store will soon be highly orchestrated ordeals.

And suddenly the past two weeks of being quarantined in my house didn't seem like that big of a deal. The "ordeal" I'd just been through was really nothing compared to the year this dear friend has ahead of her.