Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last converstaion of the day

Last night, just before drifting off to sleep, our dark bedroom

Katie: What are we doing tomorrow night again?

EarD: (Pause for dramatic, incredulous effect) Ummm, watching The Office.

Katie: (with a renewed excitement) Oh, yeah. That is going to be awesome.

Pause for a few moments to let the realization sink in

EarD: What are you most excited about?

Katie: Well, I really miss Kevin and Angela. They are my friends and I haven't seen them in a really long time. (pause) And, I'm really excited to see how Pam and Jim's date goes.

End Scene.

Yes, we really to think The Office characters are real people. We know this because they are our friends.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not fair

Someone made the office smell like syrup.

That, and popping a bag of delicious microwave popcorn at 2:30 ought to be ILLEGAL.


Can't shake a feeling

Last night I had a terrible dream. One of those really really real ones that seem so much like reality that when you wake up you're not sure if you've actually just fallen asleep. Like sleeping was reality and waking the dream.

This dream was about a friend who'd hurt me and I couldn't figure out why. I didn't understand what I'd done to ellicit they're hurtful behavior. I felt small, unloved, insecure and alone.

As I laid in bed the darkness of my room was crushingly heavy and tears pricked the sides of my eyes. I turned over to escape the dark and face the pale blue light coming from my recharging cell phone hoping for solace. Instead, I was surrounded by an icy world that filled my eyes and chilled my heart.

I drifted back off to sleep, but was blessed with no restful slumber.

Hours later I awoke to my warm and inviting bedroom, the breakfast sandwich my hunk of a husband makes me every time I sleep in later than he does, and a kitchen full of bright slanting morning sunshine.

Yet, twinges of the feeling remained.

The happy, enveloping steam of my shower had cold little fingertips as it enveloped me. The freshly ironed shirt had a hidden and unnoticed wrinkle down the front. The tall, frothy morning glass of milk had a faint scent of rot. I hate bad dreams that stay with me all day and leave me in a funk.

Does this happen to anyone else?

da da da da......DA

A co-worker in the cubical next to mine has the Law and Order song as his ring tone.

Every time it rings I get a simultaneously suspicious and hardcore look on my face, whip my head around and train my truth-eliciting, piercing gaze out into the hallway. Nothing gets by agent Katie....nothing.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Count em

Today I've been married to my best friend for 3, count em, 3 months!

I'm so lucky!

New style icon

I know a lot of people say that Audrey Hepburn is their favorite style icon from the past. And, had you asked me that question 2 weeks ago I probably would have said the same.

However, a interesting turn of events has occurred.

Thanks to AMC for running 14 of Alfred Hitchcock's movies for the past week I have adopted a new style icon. And she is...

....wait for it....

The beautiful Ms. Grace Kelly.

Although there were some fairly scandalous rumors surrounding her early years, how can you not just fall head over heels with her style?

This dress is from Rear window and when I saw it on the screen I think I actually gasped. The ear doctor looked at me like I was crazy. It is really very beautiful.

Oh, to have a reason to wear wrist length gloves! And drive with Cary Grant! (From To Catch a Thief)

Plus, every time someone comments on my wedding dress, they say that it reminds them of hers. What a compliment! After looking up her dress, I cansee the parallels, what do you think?

Office Reno

I was reading over at Design*Sponge today and she had a really rad post about an ad company that let their employees re-do their offices to help with creativity.
This blew my mind and got me really excited.

I have a creative job, so why shouldn't I have a creative space? I should.

My current layout is like this:
Surrounded on all sides by built in desk space that I don't use, and don't need. The walls are three shades of gray, and the whole thing is a little.....utilitarian.
This is what I would do, if I could:

1. Rip out all the built in furniture. It is nast.

2. Get a rad desk and face it to the opening of my cube. This criss-cross Crate and Barrel number is pretty awesome. Get some cool little yellow accents for the desk...maybe this cute tiny Kate Spade clock?

3. For storage, pick up this cook black, boxy IKEA book case. I could store my text books and pictures very well and get some cool boxes to store my files.

4. Add a small round working table and guest chair so that there is a different, designated space for when people come to collaborate with me. This eames-esque tulip table from DWR would make me SOOOO happy.

5. Make one entire corner from floor to the top of my cube covered in white board. I really like to draw while I design. It helps me explain it to other people. Plus, I think all that white will look cool.

6. Set the white table and white boards off by a cool, brightly colored rug in the work table corner like this one from FLOR.

7. Cover what isn't covered by the white boards of the bottom and left walls in some cool wall paper. I found a perfect picture of this yesterday, but didn't save it...ughhh. It was a framed peice of yellow wall paper with very organic looking white trees all over it. Very pretty.

8. Do something pretty plain to the other two walls....maybe just a nice creamy white color and hang a picture or two? I'd have to see how it looks with all the graphic-ness of the wall paper. Maybe I could do some kind of padded wall thing like Rose and Radish did a while back. That way I could lean back and take a little rest when I eyes get tired of a computer screen. Sounds good, no?

So yeah, that's what I'd love to do with this space.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not the maid

Tuesday night I was sick as a dog.

However, a month before I had offered to make dinner for the three missionaries currently living in our area. They don't have much money, so the members of our congregation take care of their meals. As bad as I felt, I knew I would feel even worse if I called up last minute and cancelled on them.

About 40 minutes before they were supposed to arrive the ear doctor and I realized that we had bought bone-in chicken breasts and our planned meal was an artichoke stuffed, pounded thin, BONELESS, chick breast. Bad idea.

I quickly flipped through my absolute FAVORITE cookbook du jour, The Best 30-minute recipe: A Best Recipe Classic, which my sister's in-laws gave us as a wedding gift (thanks Whitings!....this book is AWESOME) and found a delicious sounding panko breaded, almond crusted chicken breast topped with cranberry and orange relish.

(BTW, this book is seriously awesome. I cook from it about three times a week)

By this time we only had about 30 minutes to make our entire meal. Yikes. I love cooking, but generally have a hard time doing it very quickly. Just as I was pouring the relish over the chicken, the ear doctor was fishing the steamed zucchini out of the pot, the missionaries arrived. I was shocked that we got it all pulled together.

However, since we were cooking with the speed and intensity of Hung on Top Chef, I wasn't doing dishes as I went, like usual. And, after dinner we had delicious pumpkin spice cake (from this month's Bon Appetit...pretty good. Mine turned out a bit dry....that's Colorado for you. It was better the second day after the frosting has time to soak in).

The result? A TON of dishes. And I mean you probably could have dumped all the dirty dishes into a bad, brought it to our scale and weighed in at around 1,997 lbs....a TON. Every horizontal surface was stacked in a Sword-in-the-stone-esque fashion nearly to the ceiling.

After entertaining our guests to the best of my ability, I turned to the sink, pushed up the sleeves of the shirt I'd been lounging around in all day and set my mind to the task of rocking that stack out.

The ear doctor gently pulled me from the sink, set me down on the couch, covered me with a blanket, got me a glass of nice cold lemonade and spent the next HOUR AND A HALF doing the dishes.

Ahhhhhh, what a guy! Love really is everything it's cracked up to be.


So, after laying around in bed and on the couch for two days walking up the single flight of stairs to my office seemed like scaling Mt. Everest.

I had to stop TWICE on my way up to catch my breath.

I hate being sick....

Monday, September 17, 2007


Last week the ear doctor and I were a little hyper before we went to bed.

We held the first annual Freestyle bed jumping contest. Turns out the layout of our apartment is perfect for really building up speed.

The challenge involved starting down the hallway and running full out until you get to the bed. Then, you had to jump on the bed. The coolness of the jump was judged by both and a winning jump selected. The ear doctor was much better at the forward flip, but I rocked out the "fish" jump.

It was awesome. Totally the right thing to do to our $1200 bed....

We are so mature and grown up.


When I was in middle school my friends had a pool.

In Washington State, where I grew up, this was unheard of. No one had a pool. It just isn't sunny enough there to justify the effort and expense, but my friends had a pool. I remember going over there almost every day during the summer and swimming and having a great time.

I would hook my legs up over the side of the pool and push myself down into the water until I was totally upside down, my back touching the unexpected coolness of ceramic tile. I would open my eyes and look up through the water to the trees, clouds and the side of their house. All of these images would be familiar, and yet completley foreign in their wiggly new shapes.

This is one of the calmest, most serene memories I have.

Which is probably why I've fallen head over heals in love with Lorraine Shemesh's work.

Beautiful, no?

Friday, September 14, 2007


I just looked down at the front of what I supposed was my clean shirt.

Turns out this was the same shirt I browned Tuesday nights chorizo in.


Maybe my co-workers will think the superflous amount of little dots all along the bottom of my shirt is some really cool artistic look I'm going for? Doubtful.....very doubtful.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We need just a couple more cool things to hang in our entry hallway to disguise the hideous breaker box that the apartment builder didn't think of at all and put in the most obvious and ugly spot. I mean, the dumb thing is the first thing anyone sees when they enter our home! ANNOYING.

I've been trolling around Etsy and found some beauties, but now the question is...which will it be?

Dazeychic has some pretty great prints that would look great with the colors of our house. Plus, the birds in the second one are very little, so the ear doctor won't roll his eyes and go, "oh, birds, they're so trendy right now"

This awesome poster from Strawberryluna is SO cool, although it's probably a bit bright for the spot I'm looking to fill right now. I think this print just rules, which is surprising to me because stuff like this is usually a bit too graphic for my taste. Look who's growing!!! Oops, birds again, sorry ed.

Wow, I really like this one from elsita too, but I wish it didn't have the writing in the bottom right corner. If the writing hadn't been there I would have LOVED to put it up and make people nervous out until they figured out what it was saying. That'd be pretty cool.
Well, I just really love that "Love is everything it's cracked up to be" print. I guess I'm going to have to spend some of my monthly frivolous spending money and get it.

Back to school

About twice a year I change the wall paper on my monitors at work. I know this may not be very exciting for the rest of you, but it's a really fun day when all the pictures that I end up staring at for about 8 hours of my day....every day...actually change.

Anyway, here's what they are now. On the left hand monitor we have:

And on the right we have:

Aren't you jealous of the exciting life I live?


Guess who is going to be the proud owner of these RIDICULOUSLY cool shoes?!?!?

After entering about 100 different blog giveaways over the past year my "efforts" have finally paid of thanks to the two rad girls at Your Heart Out, and the awesome company (ryka) that employs cool people like k8!

(picture me spinning around in my office chair smiling with child-like glee while surrounded by my gray padded-walled cubical).

What a great way to start a day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


One of the strangest gifts we got for our wedding, or so I thought, was a book written by financial guru Dave Ramsey called The Total Money Makeover.

When I tore open the pretty floral wrapping paper, I was really surprised that someone got us a book about finances. I'm not really into finances and neither is the ear doctor. We do OK for where we are in life and we thought we had things pretty much under control in this arena.

Well, instead of just throwing the book up on the shelf to let it collect dust, I decided to start reading. Boy, am I glad I did! This book has totally realigned our thought process about money, budgeting and finances. In the book he promises that, barring any truly horrible luck at the beginning of life, if you stick to his principles in the book you can be a millionaire in a decade. He stresses that if you give up things for a short time and have a little perspective about your life-time, anyone can really succeed in the money game.

I am so excited about the promises made in this book and I am so grateful to the thoughtful couple who got us this book for us as a wedding gift! I'm so glad we're jumping on the Zero-debt bandwagon so early in our marriage.

Next time I see the Steinblicks (the givers of the book) I'm giving them a bone-crushing hug and a big wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. That's just how grateful I am to these people.

Do yourself a favor...get on a budget and read this book. It worked for us!

Tuesdays with ed

Tuesdays are my favorite nights of the week.

I love Tuesdays because that is the night that the ear doctor puts his grilling skillz to the test and, man-o-man, do I love the homework! Last night he made us delicious steaks with his first ever BBQ sauce from scratch and the most delicious chorizo and mushroom quesadillas with cilantro and jack cheese. YUMMMM. I'd never thought of grilling quesadillas before, but it was the PERFECT cooking method. The tortillas came out perfect and crispy, you'd never get them that way in a pan! Anyway, I love turning on some music (last night was Alison Kraus and Union Station live) and talking to the ear doctor while he cooks.

All of this grilling has made me realize another difference between the ear doctor and myself.

For his birthday a couple of weeks ago my parents got him a brand new grilling cook book. When he opened the package the look on his face belonged to a 7 year old receiving his first electric train set. It was great. He's been reading it pretty much non-stop since he got it.

Two days ago I found the book opened up and sitting on the counter in the bathroom. It took me a minute to realize that the ear doctor was using the new grilling book to "occupy" his time whilst using the facilities! I laughed out loud.

My big realization was this: men and women think of bathroom time very differently (I, isn't it?).

I don't think there has been a single instance in my life where I entered the bathroom thinking "I'm going to be in there a while so I might as well bring some reading material along with me." Maybe it's the boy scout in them always wanting to be prepared, but I've just never seen the need for some extracurricular activities.

Girls, do you bring reading material with you? Have you ever found yourself sitting around in there thinking, "man, this is taking a long time, if only I'd brought that Amy Tan novel I've been reading?"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This would look SO pretty on my kitchen counter.

Even though she'd be the new kid on the block, she would TOTALLY fit in with white enamel canisters and glass Kosher Salt container by the stove.

Although, if beautiful bird oil decantur added her beautiful self to the stove-counter party I might start to feel bad for retro looking toaster all alone far on the other side of the kitchen.

(From Mozi)

Friday, September 07, 2007

New job

I've recently moved jobs. Now I work with different people, which is both great, and a little sad. Here is a list of things about my new job.

  1. On Wednesday, my first day here, someone's baby was crying for 4 hours straight. I thought that was kind of different.
  2. The floor of our building is like a trampoline. Whenever anyone walks by my cube the whole thing shakes so much I think we're having a 4.5 Richter scale earthquake. I've even developed a really fast way to "batten down the hatches" so that my precious plastic framed awards don't fall off the gray padded walls.
  3. My new extension is x7749, which is really cool because 7 x 7 = 49. (How about that, Kath?)

I think this place needs a plant or two.....

Wow....I could do this

I saw this quilt this morning and fell in L-O-V-E.

I think I'm going to try to make something similar, but in shades of either blue or green. Which should I do?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day

So the reason there has been an uncommonly long break here is because the ear doctor and I took off for a long weekend over Labor Day. His b-day is Sept 4, so every year we get to take an awesome trip to celebrate.

This year we decided to go to Mt. Rushmore. I was a little nervous about going to somewhere called the black hills and the badlands. Judging from the titles, I wasn't really expecting much natural beauty. Boy was I wrong.

Friday we took off after work and stayed the night in the glorious Express Inn in Cheyenne, WY. Turns out, when you book a room at a 2 star hotel to save money you get pretty much what you pay for. I knew we were in trouble when we got to our room at we weren't allowed to reverse the pull of gravity and make our cigarette smoke go down.

On the plus side the phone specifically positioned to be used while going to the bathroom was sure a convenience.

And the huge mold colony growing on the shower curtain wet the ear doctor's appetite.

We woke up early Saturday morning and high tailed it out of Wyoming. The first stop on our trip...jewel cave. This cave is the second longest set of caves in the world. The ear doctor and I love a cave tour, and this one was no different. The cool thing about this tour is that we decided to take the lantern tour. The cave was an unfinished path and only lit by the small paraffin oil lanterns.

The ear doctor was brave because he had the power of the ThunderCats with him. I was a little more nervous.

After going through the caves we found our lovely campsite at the Big Pine Campground and set up was a beautiful campground. Luckily the tent sites and the RV sites were separated by a big hill. Not that I don't love RVers, but the glare from their TVs at night can be a little distracting when you're trying to get your s'more on.

That night we had the most difficult time lighting a fire. We tried and tried until we had to throw up our hands in defeat. The ear doctor took this defeat to heart and the next morning took out his frustration on the stupid fire "pit".

In case you can't tell what you're looking at, it is a cement slab with a welded metal box on top. Guess what sucks? Trying to build a fire that requires a lot of oxygen in a 3 sided closed box. We figured out what the problem was in the light of the next day....the paper was coated in a flame retardant wax and the wood we thought was nice and dry had really been sitting in a dark, wet box for 3 weeks....go figure.

Sunday morning we went to see the crazyhorse monument. This is a pretty cool undertaking that I had no knowledge of before heading out there. This guy was commissioned by the Lakota elders to carve the likeness of Crazy Horse into a cliff. He started in the 50's, all alone, and started working. He spent the first 2 years just getting his equipment up the mountain. Since then his family has worked on the mountain without any funding from the government, despite being offered it. They didn't want anything to do with a handout. This monument has been built solely on private funds. I love that. When I'm a millionaire this is the kind of thing that I will support.

We needed a break from sight-seeing so we found a place for milk shakes. Butter pecan....soooo good!

Then, we headed off to the main event...Mt. Rushmore. We decided to pay the $5 and get the hand held guided tour. So worth the investment. I love learning all I can about the building of monuments and stuff like that.

Before heading back to the Big Pine Campground, we stopped off at the "cosmos mystery area" which was pretty much a cool little house built at a strange angle on the side of a hill. The whole experience plays with the inner conflict between what you see and what you feel. The ear doctor was all about it, being really into balance and the workings of the inner ear. I was really excited because a lot of the same sensations we experienced are experienced by astronauts in space. Yes, we are both big dorks.

Monday morning we pack up camp and drove to yet another set of caves (see, I told we loved caves), Wind Cave. This tour was a lot like the other tours we've been on with electric lighting and cement paths. Wind cave is the 4th longest cave at 125 miles long. The crazy thing is that all 125 miles are under 1 square mile of ground on the surface. That means a very dense, curvy, vertical set of caves. After entering the cave we went down about 150 stairs to get to the tour. Also, Wind Cave has 95% if the world's "box work" formations. Everywhere inside of the cave seemed to be covered in thin webbing. It kind of looked like the cross sections of bone marrow, or a sea sponge. Very cool. I wish my old roommie Nikita had been there to explain it to me (she's a geologist now).

After the cave we drove into Custer State Park. What a beautiful place! I kept singing "home, home on the range" and wishing that we had a log cabin on the property. We took the long wildlife loop in the south-east corner of the park, and guess what? We found ourselves in the middle of a wild herd of buffalo! The ear doctor was ecstatic!

After seeing the Buffalo, we drove up through the needles highway in the Northwest corner of the park. In this area of the park there are sharp towers of granite that pushed their way up out of the ground all over the place. On the freeway they've blasted really narrow tunnels through the rock. One of the tunnels is only 9 ft wide, so driving through was a little nerve racking.

The eye of the needle:

That night we stayed at the State Game Lodge in the park, which is where Pres. Calvin Coolidge spent his summer months while he was president. It was a really breathtaking area and we had our own little cabin that reminded me of being at summer camp.

Tuesday morning we packed up and drove home...with one important stop. In Hot Springs, SD there is an in situ archaeological dig of a sink hole. In this dig they've already found the remains of 56 mammoths! The ear doctor LOVES dinosaurs, so we just had to stop there. It was really cool. The whole building is build around a current, live dig where you can see the bones of Colombian and Woolly mammoths!

(mammoth femur)

(mammoth mandible...jaw bone)

Between the caves, the monuments, the animals, the scenery and visiting the town of Lusk, WY twice, we had a totally awesome time!