Thursday, January 27, 2011


You know what would totally help me be a more productive employee?

Afternoon dance party

It wouldn't have to be more than 10 minutes, but if the lights when out and some groovin beats started thumping through the PA system it would do wonders for my morale. And productivity. And stress level.

If I had a small business I'd make it a company policy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are the hills alive?

See...this is why I love living in Denver! Look what came in my mail box yesterday!

I simply can't ask the ear doctor to accompany me to the SUPER dorky sing-along event. He's an awesome husband who happily endures my never-ending Disney Sing-It sessions so I can't, won't, would NEVER ask him to go to a public sing along of the Sound of Music.

Anyone interested getting their Von Trapp on while simultaneously making this little red head extremely happy?

Monday, January 17, 2011

How was your weekend?

Friday night I hosted a real, honest to goodness slumberparty for 4 of the high school girls that attend my church.

And I'm pretty sure it was a raging success. What do you think? All of the following activities were accomplished:

-Rabid consumption of multiple pounds of M&M's

-Girl talk about our celebrity crushes

-Cute, perfect little faces covered in bright green facial masks

-Boy advice given to girls who were only just slightly younger than 16

-Karaoke to Disney songs

-Prank calls at 1:30 am

-Nails shined and polished

-Ice cream consumed

-My entire living room floor covered in tired sleepy girls in sleeping bags at 3 am while a chick flick plays on the TV in the background

I even still have my fingernail polish on...which is quite a feat for this girl....

...I probably only have it because all my remover was used in a single night. It's hard to pick what color you like best when you're 15!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear cat burglers,

Don't even think about trying to break into our house. The ear doctor has the place on lock down and is anticipating your every move:

I know a lot of you wives out there may not be supportive of letting your man protect the home with a fully automatic weapon, but I can't tell you how much better I've been sleeping at night knowing that he can totally unload on any creep who attempts to cross our threshold uninvited.

And don't you worry, we know all about gun safety. We never keep it loaded, and it's always out of the reach of the younger members of our family.

One false move and these bozos'll get pumped full of nerf!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I was just clicking through my sister's pictures from Christmas and I found the best picture of me that has ever been taken. Seriously, I look like a freakin supermodel. I think I'm going to crop it and make it into a headshot and send it out to Hollywood because I'm pretty sure they're looking for a beauty like me!


Dirty hair from not showering? Check! Ravenously eating a Subway footlong? Yup! Completely dead eyes from waiting too long to eat lunch and trying to remember if I washed my hands after bowling? You bet!

So Hot!

Dear previous owners of our house:

Thanks so much for gluing aluminum foil to the ceiling to protect the ugly flush-mount light fixture from burning the house down. When we pulled the gross fixture off this weekend a bunch of layers of paint and stuff came along with your handy foil installation! It was awesome!

It looks really rad now that we've installed a hanging pendant light that has a much smaller interface at the celing.

I've always wanted to add a ceiling medallion there!

Also, look how cute our dog is on our new rugs! I know it's kind of ghetto to buy 2 of the exact same small rugs and put them together to look like one big rug but it was SOOOOOOOOO much cheaper!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Well, I got myself a set of curlers over Christmas break. I've been feeling like my hair is the same boring thing everyday, and since I've been hearing how BIG HAIR is in, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

So I rode into work today with big, red, plastic curlers all over my head.

And I'm just not sure about the results.

I kind of feel like a 5 year old just before her big dance recital...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Years

Even though our New Years plans abruptly changed this year, we still managed to have a pretty good time. We found a big band playing music from the 30's and lindy hopped the night away. I just love that my man can dance so well and loves doing it.

When I was a 17 year old girl and people asked me what I wanted in a husband I always said that I hoped I married a guy who made me laugh until I cried and loved dancing.

I got my wish!

Happy 2011...looks like it may be the year to invest in a tripod for my camera...

Monday, January 03, 2011

My review

Since I spent the holidays in Orem this year I was bound and determined to eat at some of the new resturants people here in the blog-land have been raving about.

First, we tried Pizzeria 712. Awesome! Fabulous! I learned that I am crazy-in-love with speck.

Second, we had lunch at Communal in Provo. While the food was stellar and the interior of the restuaurant totally dreamy I thought the portion size to price ratio was a little lopsided. Too expensive to be a regular stop for this girl.

And last, we hit up SLAB pizza. No one told us it was in the basement of the Campus Plaza apartment complex! My freshmen roommate lived there her sophmore year so I already had tons of warm memories associated with the building! Then we stepped in and was hit with the most delicious aroma. The ear doctor and I gorged ourselves and left feeling perfectly satisfied.

How do you know you're having a great vacation, Katie-style? Your fist is full of cheesy pizza and both of the external pockets of your purse are buldging with boxes of candy!

Seems like the food in the valley is getting better with each passing year!