Monday, April 25, 2011

Low key holiday

Our Easter was great.

It was the first day in 9 days that I really did my hair...but I still couldn't shave my legs so I wore a long skirt and just hoped that people at church were kind enough to look the other direction.

We were invited to a friend's house for dinner and I managed to bake the most perfect lemon meringue Easter classic in my mother's house. I managed to basically make it with one hand. The hostess said it was the best pie she'd ever had in her life and my husband said it was the best crust I've ever made.

Then I spent the entire evening laying around on the couch recovering from the great effort it took to do the above two items and eating jelly beans.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why I love insurance Part 2

It's probably because I've never been a really truly physical person. I've never pushed myself to run so hard that it made me throw up. I just never really saw the point of determining the physical limits of my body like some people seem compelled to ascertain.

Also, I've never really been hurt this seriously before. Sure I fell out of a tree when I was 10 and had to wear a neck brace and I slipped once in the tub, spraining my ankle and necessitating crutches. But this kind of all over, body and brain numbing pain? I never knew it until now.

Which is probably why I'm still surprised after a week of basically going to work and sleeping I'm still not healed. I'm still dragging...still limping...still wincing.

But there is a bright side.

2 weeks ago, the day before we left for our family spring break our house was robbed. I was sitting at my desk trying to tie up loose ends on a Friday before vacation when I got a call from the Denver police department. The officer informed me that our cute, perfect, cozy little home had been forcefully entered and our valuables pilfered.

I was in shock.

Visions of our dog being hurt or running away filled my mind and tears filled my eyes as I cut off the kind officer and asked out our little boxer-boy.

Turns out the thieves had come in through his doggie door, locked him in a room in the basement and took off with our beautiful new flat screen TV, our Wii, all our games (except Tiger Woods...strange), my lovely DSLR camera and some heirloom jewelry that the ear doctor's grandmother had given to him to give to me in the future.


What a hassle. We have to arrange with our home owners insurance now to get estimates and reimbursements for all the stuff they took.

But you know what, I am so filled with gratitude that the intruders only took material things. They didn't ruin our house or hurt our dog.

And most especially, they didn't even touch our lovely, expensive big comfy brown leather couch.

And since this week I've pretty much been living on that couch while I recover from my ATV accident I can say for a fact that things could be so, SO much worse for me right now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I love insurance Part 1

I am not an athlete.

I've lived almost 30 years of my life without finding a need to wear perforated fabric.

Until now.

Last weekend I was in a pretty horrible ATV accident. One minute I was cruising down a dirt road, the wind in my face. The next I was sitting in a hospital bed, hours later with my mom softly smoothing my furrowed brow and sipping water from a plastic straw.

I was informed that I'd rolled the machine, bit a huge chunk out of my tongue, split my motocross helmet in two, wrenched my shoulder, bruised my hip and road burned my knee.

X-rays were taken and prayers were said. I am so lucky to first, be alive, second, be awake and alert and third, be surrounded by family who loves me.

5 days after my accident all I have to show is a really cool gray mesh sling, bleeding scabby knee and ringing headache.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Super annoying

I don't talk much about politics. On this blog...or really in my real life.

It's just really complex issue and it seems like it's just a big land mine and it seems like, between voting times, there's nothing I can personally do about it.

But today I'm going to say something because I'm so totally annoyed by this shutting down the government business. My brother is coming all the way from LONDON to see me next week. I'd planned a really awesome road trip including stopping at 2 different national parks that I've ALWAYS wanted to see. And now they just aren't going to be open? What the crap? That's absurd.

Figure it out.

Learn to compromise.

Get together and stop ruining my SPRING BREAK!