Friday, February 29, 2008

Copycat of the week

Before Valentines day I saw this print on Bloesem which she found on Identity5 and loved it. I knew I could copy it and make a really cool invitation for my girls.

This week we're learning about budgeting, so here is my total rip-off:

I got inspired to teach this topic from reading this post. Some people really got their stuff together, you know?


I know I'm sick again because the steam from my hot chocolate feels really really good on my face.

Usually I hate drink-steam on my face. I'll even let my drink cool to the point where there isn't any steam to avoid this unpleasant side effect.

However, today my bowling ball-like head enjoys the warmth, so I've gotta be really ill.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slightly deeper than usual

I was asked to put together some thoughts about keeping a personal record. And, well, since that is one of the functions of blogging, I thought it might be interesting to post about and share my findings.

Thought #1: "Your journal (or blog) is your autobiography, so it should be kept carefully. You are unique, and there may be incidents in your experience that are more noble and praiseworthy in their way than those recorded in any other life.”

Thought #2: "No one is commonplace, and I doubt if you can ever read a biography (or blog) from which you cannot learn something from the difficulties overcome and the struggles made to succeed. These are the measuring rods for the progress of humanity."

(quotes from Spencer W. Kimball, “‘The Angels May Quote from It’,” Tambuli, Jun 1977, 16)


Ever since I was little I've loved garage sales. I clearly remember some of my favorite buys: a plastic silver star shaped pin with a shiny plastic faceted "jewel", an old box of beads and twisted wire charms. This love of making another's trash my personal treasure has endured. Which is why I love craigslist with all mi corazon.

If I had the time, I'd save these beauties:

I'd paint them some happy color...white or yellow and cover the cushion in a nice bright print. That little table would come inside and make a great plant stand.

This guy is pretty great as is, although I might think about painting him a dull red color to add a pop of color in my front room. Simple, clean, sturdy.

Beautiful wingback chair with caning. I'd paint the wood and caning white and recover the cushion with some rad print like this makeover.

I saved the best for last. This sofa is $190 and could be STUNNING if reworked. Although, with all those curves I'm pretty sure the reupholstering of this piece is a little out of my skill set. Also, I'm pretty sure ear doctor would find the shape way too feminine. But I still love her.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How I spent my Saturday morning

I showed up Saturday morning not really knowing what to expect. To be perfectly honest, I didn't really want to go. I wanted to sleep in and make breakfast for ear doctor and maybe go to the early $5 movie or something.

But I went. I went because I said I would and because I knew people were counting on me. And I absolutely refuse to flake on people if I can help it at all.

Begrudgingly I pulled on my running shoes, threw the rats nest of my hair up into an (unwashed) ponytail and headed out.

As soon as I entered the gym and saw the 45 little girls sitting excitedly in a huge circle a wave of nostalgia hit me. I remembered the uncountable hours I spent as a little girl at school/girl scout/church functions similar to the one these girls were about to experience. I remembered having hula hoop competitions and making crazy crafts. I remembered running under and tucking the edges of a parachute so that my friends and I were surrounded by a slowly deflating rainbow-colored world. I remembered it all, and I got really excited for them to make similar memories for themselves.

After eating french-toast sticks covered in gooey syrup, playing an intense game of musical chairs and teaching 50+ girls two dance routines I was beat. My body was exhausted but my heart was full of three things:

1. Admiration for mothers of 10 year olds. Where do you get the energy?
2. People who care enough about the health of future generations to organize a program that encourages exercise and fitness without receiving any sort of compensation for themselves.
3. How lucky I am to be part of such a great group of people.

Is it just me?

I cannot get over how similar Danny Noriega (from this season's American Id0l) and Jessica Alba look!

They've gotta be related somehow, right? They even have the same bangs!

Friday, February 22, 2008

8 ways

Yesterday marked the 8th month that the ear doctor and I have been married, so I thought it was only fitting to share 8 ways my life has changed since the big day.

1. Vegetables. I eat WAY more of them now that I'm married. Before I was married I think I'd made myself a salad about 4 times in my life. Now, we have a side salad with dinner every single night.

2. TV. Just take a look at what is sitting in my DVR right now:
Before getting married there is no way on earth that something called "Bigfootville" would have been recorded.

3. Garabage. My garabage can has somehow turned into a never-ending bottomless hole. I mean, I just keep tossing stuff in and the bag magically gets emptied and taken down the the curb for pick-up. It's really amazing.

4. Knowing my weight. Growing up we never had a scale in our house. I guess my mom just never saw the need. The ear doctor had a scale, and brought it to our relationship so now I periodically check myself. I half hate half love this.

5. Propane. I never knew the price of a tank of propane and now I do. Owing to the ear doctor's love of grilling out, we burn through this stuff on a pretty regular basis.

6. Costco. I went there every now and then when I needed to get supplies for a party or develop film. Now we go twice a month (at least). Turns out the ear doctor just likes to wander through the warehouse and get a polish sausage on the way out.

7. Budgeting. Wow, this is really a whole new world for me. Before I tied the knot I had a budget, but it was very inaccurate and easy to break. Now it is regimented, fixed and forward looking.

8. Confidence. Knowing someone loves you and is always there for you inspires a wicked strong personal confidence. It's not like I wasn't a confident person before I was married, but now it's different. Deeper. Richer. Realer (or more real?).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A survey

Anybody seen the new commercial on TV for Flat Earth crisps? The one where an impossibly pretty girl wanders through an impossibly pretty house following a strange noise only to find out that there is a little pot bellied pig in her house. Then, she eats these chips and the pig starts flying through the sky?

Anyway, if you've seen it than you probably thought to yourself, "my, that dress she is wearing would be PERFECT for my internet friend Katie."

Becuase that's what I thought.

Seeing that dress on TV, coupled with the fact that my little sister is currently making herself a dress has got the sewing bug primed to bit me (hopefully not in the hand....that little guy has enough wounds at the moment)

I went to V0gue patterns to see if there was anything I would to make and I saw this little gem.

The first few thoughts that went through my head:

1. Wow, that is seriously heinous fabric for a dress.

2. How can that model be making a seductive face while she's wearing a horribly cheap looking lace inset?

3. 1976 called, they want their collar lapels back.

4. She kind of looks like that actress who played Laney Boggs in She's all that.

5. Gosh, I really hope it isn't that actress. Falling from the lead roll in a major motion picture to posing for Vogue patterns is a long, long descent.

6. When they said, "add some bangles," she REALLY added some bangles.

7. Her hands and arms looks SO awkward....what would Tyra and the J's say about this photo!

8. Hot shoes.

9. Aside from the strange lace, pic nic table fabric and alarming actress career move, do I actually like the pattern of this dress?

10. Yes.....yes, I really do. Made out of the right fabric with slight alterations I think this dress could look fabulous.

What do you think?

What is going on here!

I really love to cook. A few years ago the ear doctor got me a gift certificate to a fancy cooking school down in Denver. The class I took was a 2 day, 4 hours each day, intensive cooking basics course. We learned a little something about each cooking skill. It was awesome. My pan-cooked chicken breasts have never been the same since!

One important lesson we learned was knife skills. We learned the proper way to use our beautiful, very sharp 8" chef's knives. As soon as I got home from the class I was meticulous about how I used my knife. I was very aware of keeping my knife clean, dry and in good repair.

As time has passed, I've become lazy. My fingers aren't placed correctly and my nice knife gets tossed in the drawer with all of the other knives. Turns out I was begging to be taught a lesson.

Sunday I made a beautiful braised brisket and as I was trimming the 3" layer of fat off the meat I made a beautiful deep cut into the side of my left pointer finger. Ouch. Last night I was cutting a pear for a scrumptious fruit salad (to accompany our mushroom stuffed burgers and spicy sweet potato fries) and I attempted to hack off my left thumb.

Alright, knife, I get your point. (har har har). From now on you will get my full attention and the highest level of respect.

Because there is nothing more embarrassing that telling dinner guests to wait for dinner while you run to the bathroom to clean dripping blood from your hand.

Don't worry mom, I didn't leave the bandaid packaging on the bathroom counter for you to come and throw away.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This perplexes me

Why do some textile makers only sell their wares to designers and/or wholesalers? Is there a disadvantage to selling directly to the public?

It is seriously frustrating when I find a fabric that I LOVE and want to make a quilt or recover a chair and I can't get it because I'm not in the industry.

So, I figured there must be a good reason they are limiting their customers, right? Any ideas?

Monday, February 18, 2008

That's shocking

Last night I had two really vivid dreams that have stuck with me all day.

First, my upper, right canine tooth turned gray, fell out and turned into powder. Scary, but not that unusual. I always dream about my teeth falling out.

Second, I'm driving through a gas station parking lot and see my mom limping down the sidewalk. She's wearing a bright pink bike helmet, her clothes are dirty, knees scrapped up and she's crying. I ask what happened and she said she was riding her bike to church and wrecked it. I don't know why, but this dream was VERY traumatic. Mom's are supposed to be invincible, not hurt from a bike accident.

Anyone care to interpret?

Made my day

Go here, click and enjoy.

Top 3 moments:

3. fixing the pretty headband
2. hand motions to "sun going down and the moon going up"
1. the total sincerity and commitment to her craft

two great finds!

This weekend the ear doctor and I went to two AWESOME new restaurants to celebrate our belated Valentines Day.

The first was his pick. A great place called nine75. Very hipster, lots of 20 somethings in the bar in the back. All the servers looked like they could be art school students with square heavy framed glasses. The best part? A HUGE bowl of fresh, warm, delicious cotton candy for dessert. As soon as that soft spun goodness hit my lips I reverted into a happy 7 year old girl with pig tails and saltwater sandals. Truly a fun place!

The second was my find: Via, in LoDo. It is the new(ish) sister restuaruant to one of my favorite cherry creek spots, (cucina colore). The crowd at this place was a little less Kerouac, a little more Chianti. The food was spectacular. Just really, really good. My pasta had the freshest tasting tomatoes, which is a real trick for mid february. Again, the dessert stole the show. Peach bread pudding sitting in a lake of the smoothest, creamiest carmel sauce you could ever imagine. It took my breath away and was dubbed my new favorite restaurant in Denver.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pictures of our day

Despite feeling horibble, we still had a pretty awesome Valentines day. We spent the day watching old movies (thankyou TCM for your Oscars marathon), falling asleep and finished it with delivery Chinese food. Yummm.

As we were cracking our fortune cookies I apologized for not having the most romantic of holidays for our first married Valentines. He paused, looked at me and said, "actaully, it was pretty romantic. We both took care of each other and this will make a great story for the rest of our lives"

He's pretty great.

Now, onto the loot. Look at all the great tokens of love he gave me yesterday:

He hid these vintage space-themed valentines cards all over the house. I don't think there are more perfect valentines on the face of this earth for me. As you can see I've found 9 of more is hiding somewhere in the house.

Here is what I got for him.

(the card in the middle is a subscription to Paste magazine, which he will LOVE)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

out of commision

Woah! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. The ear doctor and I both home sick. He's snoring away across the living room and I'm wearing the same 3.

Even like this, I love this man. Luckiest girl in the world = me.

Aren't you jealous of our romantic first married Valentines Day? You should be,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why my mom is tricksy

Usually when someone comes to visit me I put together a wonderful schedule of events that we can do. I like to have interesting things to do so I can show off how awesome it is to live near the Mile High city. In preparation for my mom's visit I made a list of really great things to do: visit the botanic garden and learn about Chinese sculpture or download a walking tour of Denver and go for a wonderful outdoor urban adventure.

However, this weekend when my mom came to visit I decided that I'd just show her a nice relaxing time. I wanted her to see what the ear doctor and I do on any given Saturday.

The main event of the weekend? The ear doctor and I took her to our favorite puppy store. We do this every weekend. It is our way of getting our puppy fix without having to scoop any poops. (yuck)

Being a dog lover and away from her beloved Quinnie, I think she really liked it.

While we were there we discovered a new breed that seems ideal for our lifestyle: an adorable Basenji.

I really want a dog, but I'm just not ready to get up and go for sub-zero snowy morning walks. Is it so crazy to wait until we have the beautiful, warm early mornings that I know are coming soon to Colorado? Is it?

As usual, the ear doctor picked up a puppy and gave me the pleading eyes. Nerves steeled against his almost-irresistable good looks, I stuck to my guns.

Thinking I would get support from my ever-practical mother, I turned to her for assistance. Shocked, I realized I was staring directly into the exact same gleam, transported into her eyes. She was pleading with me to bring a puppy home with us! Where did my mother go and who replaced her with this 10 year old, giddy little girl?!? Then she casually said, "I'll throw in $100."

She is a tricky, tricky woman who knows me so well. I have a REALLY hard time passing up a deal. I had to dig deep in my soul and muster up the poop-scooping memories of my youth in order to leave without a furry pal of my own this weekend. But I can feel my resolve weakening.....

Friday, February 08, 2008

Hooray for Moms

My mom has a conference in Chicago all next week. She decided to fly through Denver and see me and the ear doctor for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited about her coming, especially since it is supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny ALL WEEKEND.

I heart Denver weather.

It should be a pretty nice break from this:

Atta girl

One of my favorite writers, Isabel, decided to tell the world of her faith today.

I'm pretty impressed with her. It's kind of intimidating for us Mormons to let it all hang out and tell people of our faith sometimes. Probably every individual in my church has at one point had a pretty poor experience with being mocked, hurt, degraded and laughed at for our faith. A once-bitten-twice-shy attitude can be developed.

Anyway, I'm so happy for her and so totally IMPRESSED by the love she's had in her comments section for this very personal post.

My faith in the genuine niceness of humanity is restored.

(note: if you feel inclined to say something unkind to this post I'm going to delete it, so don't waste your time)

Oh, yes please

If someone wanted to get me this stunning platter with the ear doctor and my initials with '07 carved in the tree, I'd be ok with it.

And a chocolate ganache cupcake wouldn't be too bad either.

New Things

So with this new job status maybe the ear doctor and I will finally be able to join in this really cool week of foodie-love in my city.

The gist of the event is that you can go to a bunch of local awesome restuarants and have a mulit-course dinner for 2 people for $52.80 (mile-high city For the restaurants listed, that's a pretty great deal.

Plus, one of our resolutions was to try out new restaurants this year.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quick Great News

I got a promotion and a raise today.


A perfect blend

Last night at Activity Day we made Valentines cards and frosted heart shaped cookies.

We didn't have a great turn out, so there were quite a few left. I decided to frost them and take them into work so that the ear doctor and I didn't eat them all in one day (as we are wont to do).

I got a little creative and decided to nerd it up a little bit. See....

The ear doctor called them a perfect mix of my talents.

I love being a dork!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Between email accounts

Ear doctor (1:47 pm): Meat Loaf Sandwiches are AWESOME. Thank you for my delectable lunch babe.You're the best.

Me (1:55 pm): I'm glad it was good, Lovah! I miss you and I'm grumpy here at work.

Ear doctor (2:00 pm): That is C-RRRRRRAPPYYYYYY. It's ok 'cause tonight we're making frosting ....

(this morning he asked what we are going to do tonight and I told him "make frosting" for my activty day girls. We're frosting heartshaped cookies for Valentines day)

Me (2:01 pm): That's the truth. All I want to do right now is sit around watching TV or playing Mario. Am I 10 years old?

Ear doctor (2:02 pm): No, not ten years old ... the WOMAN of mis suenos

Me (2:03 pm): Maybe we can add eat popcorn to that list list of things I'd rather be doing. The DC (our code name for diet coke) in the work fridge is calling to me, and I'm having a hard time ignoring it's siren song.

(remember, I'm only drinking diet coke once a week on saturdays)

Ear Doctor (2:06 pm): Be strong against the clarion call of the DC. We can definitely do all of the above on your list, including eat popcorn, tonight. I don't have class today, so I'll be home early!!!!! Maybe then we can get ourMario on ... I'll be player 2 if you want.

You know it's true love when someone offers to be player 2 for Mario Galaxy on Wii.

If I'd known

If last year when I moved, got a new name and re-registered to vote I had known what an interesting presidential race this was going to be I probably wouldn't have registered as Independent.

Now I'm left out in the cold tonight hoping that others, who plan ahead more than I do, get out there and do what they think is best.

Have a great Super Tuesday.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tell me

The other day I was sitting around minding my own business when a very sweet elderly lady grabbed a hold of my elbow in that way that only elderly ladies can.

She looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, "it's so nice to see how much you and your husband love each other."

Cue my light-up-from-the-tips-of-my-toes-to-the-top-of-my-head smile.

When I make remarks about the ear doctor and I people often shake their heads, roll their eyes and say, "you're newlyweds, give it a year or so and it'll wear off."


I don't want this to wear off. We've been married for almost 8 months and he's become an even greater friend than I ever expected. Why do people feel the need to rain on our parade? Why the negativity? Why can't more people be supportive, loving, and sweet like the nice elderly lady whose small, passing comment will be locked in my memory forever?

Must get out more

I clearly remember having a conversation with a friend when I was 15 years old. We were just leaving a dance hosted by my church and I looked over and her and said, "The man I'm going to marry will have to be a great dancer."

As my dating life progressed this small quality sank further and further to the bottom of my future-mate top 10 list (BTW did anyone else do this, or was I really weird?)

Then I met the ear doctor. He was funny....check. Thoughtful?....check. Smart? bet.

Best of all....a G-R-E-A-T dancer. Even better, he wasn't just a good freestyler, but he swing dances. While we dated we went dancing almost once a week. Since getting married and moving farther away from the venues, we have been slipping in our attendance.

Friday afternoon I found this great video, and KNEW we MUST go out the next night.

(the move the male dancer does at 1:15 is the ear doctor's favorite and he looks so great doing it!)

We went and it was AMAZING.......just like the ear doctor! But, man are my shoulder blades sore!