Monday, October 29, 2012

Ridiculously good looking

A few weeks ago we found out that Tamara Murphy, and awesome Denver-based photographer was offering a screaming deal on some mini photo sessions. We figured it might be the last time to capture my pregnant girth in all it's glory so we took advantage. 

I am so SO happy with how they turned out! baby this weekend. Hopefully something will happen this week since my due date is THURSDAY!!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

check that off the list!

Good news! We decided on a pediatrician! We met 3 different doctors in 3 very different practices and the one we went to last night was BY FAR our favorite. Yeah, it's a little bit of a drive across town to get there and it's really popular so it might be harder to schedule well baby appointments but that's OK. We loved the doctor we met.

And, more importantly, the office is right next to some awesome places to eat.

We may not have our priorities in the right place....

Totally unrelated photos:

My boys looking at each other...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

only a week left

1 week until my due date. 1 week.

I have been trying REALLY hard to 1) stay positive 2) not complain and 3) prevent waddling but guys, this last week is no joke. The aches and pains are pretty intense and the will to just push through until the end of the day makes me feel like a marathon runner.

And I've never, not once, even had an inkling that I would like to run a marathon.

One the other hand, I'm really not to the point of total frustration and thinking everyday, "I wish this darn baby would come today!"

I'm somewhere in the middle where I would be totally happy if my belly stopped twisting around like I swallowed a small Chinese contortionist but not really ready for the daunting task of being someone's mom.

Monday, October 22, 2012

last pre-baby project for me

At the end of last week I got another awesome surprise in the mail. An awesome blue sweater knitted by my fantastically talented cousin Hilary. I opened the box and pulled out the beautiful sweater and draped it across my ever-expanding belly and just loved it.

And it got me motivated to put the finishing touches on my own creative endeavor. I also decided to knit a little sweater for our little man. The pattern I chose was not nearly as cute as the one Hilary used, but I like how it turned out.

Except, it looks like the proportion is a bit off. I followed the pattern exactly and it seems like the sleeves are really long and the body is short. Is this just how baby clothes are? Also, I was a bit hesitant about just going through my leftover button jar and using mixed and matched buttons for it, but looking at this picture makes me really happy that I did that.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

superhero son

Since friends and family found out we are having a baby I have been totally blown away by the attention, love and PRESENTS people have just randomly sent us in the mail! The generosity has been overwhelming. Yesterday afternoon we got another little surprise in the mail.

An overstuffed cardboard envelope came and I got really excited when I saw the return address was from Sanaz, the new wife of one of my best friends from undergrad, Bryan. Sanaz is pretty much the most amazingly thoughtful, warm, considerate person I've ever met in my life so I was sure this was going to be something really special.

As I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the blue plush fabric I could feel a belly laugh start to ripple from the bottom of my feet out through my grinning face.

A plush, insulated spiderman costume for a baby! How cool is it to send someone something so totally impractical, but AWESOME?

Along with the suit was a note written by my friend Bryan on traditional engineering paper telling me that when he was little he work a spiderman costume anywhere and anytime his mom would let him. So he wanted to get this for us, not just as a halloween costume, but so that he can wear it anytime he wants to feel like a superhero. How great is that?

Something this awesome deserved an honored place in our nursery nook. Hanging on display for everyone to see...right next to his Spokane/carhartt costume...

Monday, October 01, 2012

getting out there

This baby is due in 1 month.


I feel an urgent need to cram this month full of every possible thing I can before he gets here. We have shots to get and doctors to see. We need to pick a pediatrician. The True green people are coming to fix our grass so that next year baby feet can get their bearings on nice lush greenery instead of tripping on nasty weeds. I want to call friends and make make sure they know I love them before I potentially drop off the planet for 3 months. We need to figure out the best route to the hospital and it's time to start thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas this year because who knows if I'll have time to think of that when he arrives. There are new people I want to have over for Sunday dinner and old friends that need to know I care. There are mountains of thank you notes to write and shouldn't we think about baby announcements now instead of leaving that to chance later?

But mostly I want to really enjoy this month. October is my favorite month of the whole year.

So I'm really glad I spent half a day last Friday with one of my favorite people and our beloved furry friends.

 We walked and talked and I was totally blown away by the beauty of where I live.

 What also blew me away? How wide and round my 8 month pregnant face has become. Yowsers!

I took this picture of the two of our dogs running toward us at top speed through the most stunning crop of golden leafed trees. Pure joy was radiating off them. It felt like magic and made me excited for a future when our kids are doing the same thing...running at full tilt toward both of us...future moms.