Monday, July 28, 2014

helping hands

This morning one of my dreams came true.

Instead of hoping that Sam would find a book to read while I made our breakfast I decided to pull a chair up to the counter and see if he could help. I brought out the carton of eggs with severe trepidation. I opened the box and asked Sam to help me pick which ones we would eat. He carefully perused the options and picked up a single, perfect brown egg. I cracked it into a bowl. He found me another one...I cracked it. When 5 had been cracked I said, "OK..all done"

He closed the carton, picked it up and turned to face the fridge across the room. I picked him up, walked over and opened the fridge. He slid the box back into the place we always keep the eggs.

I set him down and he turned to me and said, "Thank you"

And then wandered off to find his trumped (AKA the extender hose to the vacuum)