Sunday, December 26, 2004

Top 12 things of Christmas

12. I sent a text message to everyone in my phone yesterday wishing them a Merry Christmas. It was awesome to get all the responses back. Made me feel really loved and popular.
11. My sister told her finace that she wanted to "bite off his nipple like a beaver." Yikes!
10. I made my future brother-in-law a smitten. Go to and you'll see what I'm talking about. The look on my sister's face was priceless when she realized what it was.
9. I got to talk to Sarah and she calmed me down about some stuff.
8. My mom got me a sewing machine. When I was younger I never would have seen this as such an awesome gift because I was unwilling to accept a lot of things that were seen as traditionally feminine (like a vacuum cleaner, blender, ect.) Now I am so thrilled to have one. I'm thinking of clearing one corner of my huge room and turn it into a sewing room. Hooray!
7. I talked to the ear doctor and realized that I miss him terribly and can't wait to see him on Thursday.
6. Grandma gave me the traditional two dollar bill that she says gives you good luck if you keep it in your wallet and never spend it. When someone asked where she got all of them she told us that she printed them in her basement. I hope no one from the government reads this and busts my cute little grandma for counterfeiting two dollar bills. I don't think she'd make it in the big house.
5. We got to watch old home videos of my dad's family when they were little. It was funny to see my dad as a 10 year old punk kid. It was a trip seeing their clothes and cars. It made me wonder what my kids will think of my clothes now when they are my age.
4. I made candy with my grandma. The divinity turned out perfectly. The rolo/pretzel/pecan treats went like hot cakes, and true to form, I messed up the fudge. It was supposed to be this really easy recipe with marshmallow fluff, but I still managed to screw it up. I should just come to grips with the fact that I will never be able to make the stuff. That's just how it goes. Some people can, and some can't.
3. My mom loved her gift, my sister knocked me over with a hug when she realized what I got her, and my dad laughed out loud when he opened the present from me. Mission accomplished.
2. I wasn't blamed for messing up my cousin again.
1. My family is the best in the west and anyone who thinks theirs is better only thinks that because they haven't met mine.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why yesterday was just plain wonderful

1. I figured out how to fix my work and model so that it will dynamically rebuild itself correctly after I move it around (I've been working on this for WEEKS)
2. I ate about 10 lbs of guacamole and chips for lunch.
3. My dad offered to buy me new tires, which will probably be my most appreciated Christmas gift this year.
4. I got to talk to my mom and she gave me some really great and interesting perspective about stuff. (always does)
5. I talked to my bff Kathy and got some STUPENDOUS news!
6. My outfit for the evening came together nicely, despite my worries.
7. The ear doctor looked amazing in his suit when he came to pick me up.
8. He took me to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular in Denver.
9. We got an AWESOME parking spot, which was really nice because it was snowing and I was wearing a skirt.
10. We were there early and stood above everyone coming in on the mezzanine level and people watched. Turns out he's almost as good as my mom and I at spotting the best candidates for "big hair award."
11. The show was SO good and made me really excited for Christmas.
12. The little kid two seats away exclaimed (at the top of his lungs), "there's a red head sitting next to grandma!" which made me feel like I was part of the show and every cool.
13. The ear doctor took me to dinner at a REALLY nice restaurant in Denver called the Chop House. The food was great, the conversation sparklying. By this time I was pretty much in a euphoric daze. I didn't think that happened to normal people.
14. I fell asleep on the ride home, which is usual, and the ear doctor didn't seem to mind.
15. When he dropped me off we kissed goodnight and I stumbled my tired body up to bed marveling at how lucky I am to be with someone who not only thinks I'm great, not only respects who I am and what I want to be, but he also thinks our relationship is special and wouldn't jeopardize it for the world.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why today sucks already

1. I woke up too early. Before it was even light out.
2. In my early morning dazed condition I stepped on the candycane I swiped from a Christmas party last night and broke it...Again.
3. My shower water was blistering hot and then icy.
4. I ran out of shampoo.
5. I went to the Nissan dealership and found out that the molding that got ripped off my car as a result of my blowout is going to cost $150. $150 I don't really have.
6. I went to the tire place to try to get new tires. I realized I don't have enough money to replace the blown out, as well as the 3 other fairly bald tires. I decided to just replace the blow out with a used tire until next month when I feel like I can replace them all.
7. I told my dad this idea and he yelled at me, made me feel dumb, and made me let him talk to the tire store guy (implying I am some kind of retard who can't take care of her own things)
8. I had to tell the ear doctor that I might not be able to go to dinner with him as planned tonight due to the fact that my dad said I HAD to get a full set of new tires on today and the only time the shop could do it is at 4 this afternoon.
9. The ear doctor's response to that news crushed my heart and made me feel like an awful girlfriend (even though he is one of the major people telling me to get my tires fixed).
10. I came into work late.
11. When I got in my co-worker pointed out that my model sucks and has tons of errors in it.
12. When I got in my technical lead treated me like a retard.
13. I burned my tongue on my hot chocolate.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dear Kathy,

I am so sorry I haven't had a chance to answer my phone and have a convo with you. Please forgive my rudeness. I've had to put in an ungodly amount of time to run this sub for Santa thing and when I get home at night I collapse into bed. Thanks for your understanding.


Having a hard time spending money

Last night I discovered something interesting. I have a really time spending money if I HAVE to do it. If someone hands me a big stack of money and says "go spend this, spend it all and don't save any at all" I really struggle. I always thought I could blow through money with reckless abandon, but when someone makes it a "task" all the thrill is gone.

Last night we went and bought gifts and food for a less fortunate family. We'd raised $600 for a sub-for-Santa activity. We divided up the money and each went out to get gifts for people we didn't know. Sarah and I ended up getting to shop for Christmas dinner food and gifts for "the mom."

We were really giddy and excited to buy gifts for the mom. We decided we wouldn't get her anything practical or that she would buy for herself. Also we didn't want stuff that the family would just take over. You know how it is, if mom gets a gift somehow it just becomes family property.

We ended up getting her a foot spa, a new fleece blanket, a Christmas candle and a new book. All stuff my mom would love to get.

When we met back up with everybody I was floored with how far they had made that $600 stretch! It looked like Santa had come in and just dropped his entire sack. Next week we're going to deliver the gifts. I'm stoked about it.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dear James,

I got a message from my sister today. I guess she saw you on campus and you asked her if I was going inactive. I don't know how you could have inferred that from my post a couple of days ago, but I just want to allay your fears. No, I'm not going inactive. Actually, quite the opposite. I am more involved in my ward here at CU than I was at any student ward at BYU. I just see my religion and my commitment in a different light than I did a few years ago. I think that's a good fact I think it is an integral thing. If people remained at the same level of understanding in ANY aspect of their lives they aren't really living, progressing, or growing. And when you get down to it, that is really the basis of our whole religion...Growing "precept on precpt" right?

Yours Always,

Maybe it's much too early in the game

But I thought I'd ask you just the same
What are you doin' New Years
New Years Eve

Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
When it's exactly 12 o'clock that night
What are you doin' New Years
New Years Eve

Maybe I'm crazy to suppose
I'd ever be the one you chose
Out of a million invitations you receive

But just in case I stand one little chance
Here comes the jackpot question in advance
What are you doin' New Years
New Years Eve

Yep, that was the song that was playing as I opened my first Christmas gift of the season.

Last night as I rounded the corner into my complex I glanced into my living room window and was warmed from the inside out by the sight of my Christmas tree lights gently twinkling in the window. I was really happy because that meant that my roommate, Amy, the coolest girl ever, was home and had turned on the lights, probably just especially for me. I started to think of all k inds of nice things about how much I like her and how much I'll miss her when she gets married in a month. I entered my house from the garage and was presented with one of the most beautiful scenes. All the lights in the house were off except for the dainty white glow of the Christmas tree. My house seemed cleaned of all it's ever present clutter and there was a beautiful red Christmas Stocking topped with a huge green sparkly bow.

With childlike giddyness I sat at the bottom of my tree and opened my present. Next to the stocking there was a one page note with instructions. It said: Open the present marked "FIRST" first and the one marked "LAST" last. Use each gift as it is opened. Then, the ear doctor signed it.

The one marked first was a CD. I put in in the player. I was immediately engulfed by the warm, sonorous tones of Mr. Harry Connik Jr. Singing one of my favorite songs. I returned to my stocking. The next present was a noisemaker, then champagne glasses, then a bottle of Martinellis (champagne substitute for us alcohol-impaired folks), then a sign that said "Happy New Years," confetti poppers followed along with a whistle and silly string. In each wrapped gift there was about a pound of loose confetti, so every time I opened one, colorful bits of Mylar exploded everywhere. There was gold tinsel and everything was perfect.

When I got to the bottom of the stocking, the gift marked "LAST" was wedged tight. Inside the festive wrapping, there was a plane ticket to join him in San Francisco for New Years!

He came into my house just as I realized what it was. We put the CD on repeat and danced together in the glow of my Christmas tree. It was wonderfully romantic...Like a movie.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

For the Record

So I guess that last post stirred up a lot of mixed emotions, which I was thrilled to read about in my comments section.

I just wanted to add this caveat to it.

I created that post with the intention of showing how much I've change in the last two years since graduating and moving away from BYU.

I didn't mean to imply AT ALL that everyone who goes to BYU is the way I was. That isn't the case at all.

There are tons of really cool, down to earth, nice and friendly people who go to BYU.

I just wasn't really one of them, especially my sophomore and first half of junior year.

My BYU years constitute a time where I was growing up and changing a lot. I gleaned a lot of my personality at the time from the people I associated with. (you can ask one of my old roommates who hates me now ALL about this if you want)

My college experience was great, I loved it!

I hope that clears up any misunderstanding (Mags)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

9 things I do differently now that I'm not a psycho BYU co-ed Mormon

1. Pray. Since leaving Provo and having to decide who I really am and what I really want from my life I've realize that prayer has become a real discussion with someone I know instead of a lofty, detached, impersonal homage.

2. Lame BYU dances/activities/dates. Used to attend everyone and wonder if I was the only one who felt like they were weird. I haven't heard "Cotton Eyed Joe" or "Kiss from a Rose" or "Lady in Red" in two years and that is heaven.

3. Try to convert others. Nothing is as vain and shallow as being someone's friend just so that they'll espouse your same beliefs. Variety is what make life worth living.

4. Jugde others for showing skin. Seriously, what was I thinking. Who cares if someone is wearing a tank top and a mini skirt. They're cute. I cringe thinking about how mean I was to some people for wearing things I secretly wish I could wear.

5. Pepsi. Jeez, I love the stuff. Why didn't I ever partake during college. Stupid peer pressure.

6. Sarcasm. I used to be really critical/judgmental of everything and used hurtful words to make people feel bad. It just made others feel bad, me unhappy, and gave strangers a bad impression of my basic personality.

7. Sleepy Sundays. This usually involves at least a 3 hour nap every week. At school I always tried to use my Sundays to do churchy stuff. The 7th day is for REST people!

8. Feel Guilty. I used to spend so much time and consideration thinking about things I'd done wrong and how I needed to be a better person. Now I realize I'm doing a pretty good job, and it's alright to think that.

9. Opening my friendships. At BYU I always thought that I was cooler than some people. Now I realize that what really matters is to be nice to everyone. I'm lucky to be as confident and outgoing as I am, I shouldn't be so exclusive.

I had to make it 9 because I got bored before I got to number 10.

This post inspired by this really cool girl

Monday, December 06, 2004

A big thankyou

Saturday was the first ski trip of the season. It was GLORIOUS, but man am I out of shape. The second run we took from the very top of the mountain to the bottom and my legs were on fire. The weather was great and the snow really wasn't that bad. We got free lunch and the only complaint I have with the whole day is the runs got really crowded in the afternoon. They didn't have even half of the mountain opened up yet. Toward the end it was pretty much like skiing around moving hazards.

Saturday night the ear doctor and I went downtown Denver to the city light parade. It was awesome, both the intentional entertainment and the unintentional. We ended up finding a pretty good spot to stand and watch it, but we were at the corner of the street. People were about 5 deep on either side just standing and waiting for the parade to start. People who didn't want to watch the parade were still trying to cross the street through the sea of people. Anyway, for some reason the parade watchers wouldn't move over to let people walk by. Tension kept growing and growing until one woman tried to cross and this 11 year old girl told her (I'm sure not very politely) that she needed to cross somewhere else. Something happened, and the little girl ended up getting hit pretty hard in the face. The little girl's mom went ballistic, ripped off her denim and fringe Wal-Mart coat and went Jerry Springer on the lady. It was really scary because there were tons of kids everywhere getting trampled and everyone was saying the f-word. After the parade ended the police came. The ear doctor and I split because there were more than enough witnesses to say what happened.

We went to Wolfgang Puck for dinner. I thought it was alright, but overpriced.

Sunday I had to get up early to go to a meeting and church and on my way there I got a blowout. I had to change the tire in my Sunday outfit and got all snowy and dirty. A very nice man came and helped me (even though I had everything under control). He was really such a nice person so I just wanted to send my gratitude out to him via the internet. Wherever you are, nice Baptist man who changed a frazzled. Mormon, red headed girl's tire on Sunday morning on the side of highway 36 in Boulder, thanks so much for your help!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

How to perform an at home chemical peel

Have you ever touched the hand of a little baby and were amazed by the softness of their skin? Well, that smooth, silky blemish free skin can be yours!

I'm sure you've tried everything: lotions, toners, and I'm sure some of you out there have even tried botox.

Well, there is a revolutionary way to get that amazingly youthful skin...A chemical peel.

I know, I know, a lot of you out there are saying, "Jeez, Katie, I don't have the time or the money to go to a dermatologist to get that kind of treatment.

Well, look no further. I have a solution for you.

Step 1: Draw a nice and hot bath.
Step 2: Put on your favorite CD, preferably one without words so that the experience and ambiance are just right.
Step 3: Get your favorite book from childhood. That one that just makes you smile when you read it.
Step 4: Get in the bath and let the horrible day that you've had just melt away. Forget about the nasty sore throat you have and the rather painful discussion you had with your boyfriend the night before.
Step 5: Unwrap the special glycerin soap that your mom got you while you were home visiting for Thanksgiving.
Step 6: Inhale the wonderful cinnamon aroma from the soap.
Step 7: Dunk the soap in the water and be impressed by how wonderfully slippery and slidey really mild glycerin soap is.
Step 8: Use the soap to shave your legs
Step 9: Suddenly notice an intense burning coupled with itching sensation everywhere you've touched the soap to your innocent flesh.
Step 10: Use the scrubber that you usually reserve for getting the calluses off your feel to scratch your flesh raw to alleviate the itching.
Step 11: Jump out of the water when you've realized what has happened.
Step 12: Stare down at your naked legs and be amazed how the brilliant shade of red that is rapidly appearing.
Step 13: Realize that cinnamon oil and fair, red-head's skin are a bad combination.
Step 14: Fall asleep with lotion caked on your legs because that is the only thing that soothes the intense, searing heat.
Step 15: Awake in the morning with stubbley, but incredibly lubricated legs.

It's that easy!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Good ideas people. Thanks. I now have my schedule filled up for the next 4 months. Now I can just tell someone else to run the activity and I will have much lower stress about everything. That's a load off.

Last night the ear doctor and I got a Christmas tree for my house. It is PERFECT. The lady at the lot called it the Cadillac of Christmas trees, pretty nice huh? I realized that I am going to need a lot more ornaments to make it look great. Can I just tell you what heaven I was in this morning when I awoke to the scent of a fresh Christmas tree wafting into my bedroom. Glorious.

Last night I also did stage one of breaking in my new ski boots. I filled them with boiling water, let them sit, poured out the water and sat with my feet in them all night. I did this with the hopes that maybe I won't be crippled after skiing for the first time with them on Saturday. I'm really excited and it sounds like a pretty decent sized group will be going. Yea!

The second step of my grad apps are done. I've asked BYU to send out official transcripts to all the schools.

All that is left is the GRE score reports.

I've modified my essay for Stanford and UCLA, but I still need to do it for UT Austin, Penn State, Princeton, UCSD and CU. I can probably do that over the next couple of days. My goal is to submit them all by Friday. I'm way excited.