Wednesday, April 11, 2012

commuting cogitation

This morning on my drive into work I got to thinking about my little sister.

My parents and her in-laws live about 15 minutes from each other in the town where we went to high school. It's a great place, but I can't see myself realistically ever moving back there. Their aerospace engineering industry leaves something to be desired.

But my little sister told me that she and her husband would really like to be back there someday.

So this morning I was picturing what her life might be like if she moves back there, they buy a beautiful farm house out on the agricultural area away from nosy neighbors and they live their life. What would I be doing today if I were living here future, idyllic, pastoral life?

I decided that today would be the day that I make strawberry jam and fresh baked bread while the kids are away at school.

And suddenly living in the place I grew up started to seem absurdly appealing.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lessons of age

Yesterday the ear doctor told me that Denver has a new radio station...Jammin 101.5. They play all of the best hits from the 90's, so basically every song that comes on reminds me of something from middle school. It's awesome.

Last night as I was driving some teenagers to our weekly church youth group NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CAME ON THE RADIO! The right be exact.

As I excitedly reached for the volume knob a hush fell over the usual teen chatter coming from the back seat.

About 30 seconds into the song one of the kids said, "who is this?"

To which I excitedly responded, "New Kids on the Block. Theirs was the first concert I ever went to.  My dad took me to see them when I was 8 years old and he bought me a blue bubblegum ice cream cone at the show"

The kind of looked at me with blank stares until one of the kids started singing the lyrics to the LFO song Summer Girls that references New Kids on the Block. So these kids were referencing a song written in 1999 in order to reference a boy band that released a song in 1988.

Yikes, I felt old.

Also, as  I listened to a song I once thought was awesome I realized that 8 year olds may not have the best taste in music...

...and that my dad is a hero for taking me to that horrible concert...

...and that maybe I shouldn't sing Bieber's Never Say Never at the top of my lungs to annoy my husband quite as frequently...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Today I got so mad at a rude coworker that I had to go sit in my car and simmer down.

Yup, I put myself on time out.

While in self-imposed time out I yelled at him, I reasoned with him, and I cried just a little bit in my frustration and hurt feelings.

As a result all morning I've been in a funk. The funkyness lingered all morning. It lingered through meetings and to-do list making. It lingered after I talked to my mom and heard my awesome new nephew's little cries on the phone. It lingered after I indulged in Mac n Cheese from Panera. It even lingered as I walked through Banana Republic with $20 gift certificate and 40% off coupon in hand.

It lingered all the way until I was in the car driving back to the office and the smooth beats of Bell Biv Davoe started thumping from my Bose speakers. The funkyness of the morning was totally and utterly erased by the funky beats and smooth rhymes reminding me that sometimes girls can be POISON.

Monday, April 02, 2012

travel journal

While in California my wonderful in-laws decided to get both the ear doctor and I new phones! Hooray! No more stupid old phone that wouldn't let me text the ear doctor! No more waiting for 30 seconds to let google maps pull up! Life will again be livable!

Since we already have a macbook and an ipad, we decided to both get iphones so they can all sync together. I got the white and he got the black.

And the first app I got? Instagram of course. I was tired of everyone else's phone pictures looking so cool while mine were standard and boring.  So here are the highlights from the trip...all taken at the Nixon library:

 Me in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall

My reflection in the sun shield of an astronaut helmet

 Us in front of Nixon's boyhood home (which is so darling and still sitting in it's original location)

The ear doctor getting off Army One...the president's helicopter