Tuesday, February 18, 2014

help meet

Here is a realization I've had in the last year.

My husband can only help me deal with all the plates that I've got spinning atop these poles if he knows about them.

And if I actually just TELL him how I'm feeling things get a million times better.

Even if it seems silly to vocalize, "I'm feeling grouchy" or "I'm feeling overwhelmed" just saying it out loud...giving it a name...helps.

Who knew?

Oh...wait...EVERYONE knows that...

but there is a difference between intellectually knowing something and then putting it in practice...as I am finding out...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Just in time for Valentines day

Sammy has finally...FINALLY...started really giving me hugs and kisses. This morning I was laying on the bed looking up and him and he very carefully stepped over to me, bent in half and gave me the sweetest little smooch right on my lips. Smacking sound and all. I felt so lucky I almost DIED.

My first adolescent kiss from a boy was NOTHING as special as this first little peck that Sammy boy decided to give me this morning.

And yesterday at the end of church my boy ran to me and threw both chubby little hands around my neck and SQUEEZED so tight. A REAL hug.

Up to this point his hugs have been more full-body-leans. And his kisses...tiny little face smashes.

I love this little critter so much.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


In the morning after getting his first sippy cup and the requisite diaper change the first thing the baby wants to do is great Babo.

Babo = Sam's word for Roscoe...our boxer.

He awkwardly toddler runs over to the dog bed with both hands flapping in the air and flops on top of our poor sleeping canine. I feel so bad for the dog because I know with *perfect* clarity that waking up at your own chosen time is one of life's great pleasures. And Sam pretty much always robs me of this luxury these days, so I feel bad that not even Roscoe can escape Sam's early morning sphere of influence.

I want to protect my poor pup and at least let him sleep in until he wants to get up...instead of being covered by very slobbery baby kisses and then promptly kicked out of his own bed. SOMEONE in the house should be enjoying bed as long as they want...