Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Because I thought they were about every country..

This semester the ear doctor is teaching a class all about the definition and importance of culture. Specifically he's teaching about the importance of cultural sensitivity and the role of a service provider.

In other words, how best communicate information to people who may have a different cultural background than your own.

One of his lectures is on ethnocentrism...or thinking that your own ethnicity/culture/country is the bomb. Sometimes it means that you think so much of yourself that you can't even see reality.

Which is why we both just DIED the other night when we were watching America's Got Talent and the "Hoff" (wise, sage of our generation) made this statement:

I guess I've been wrong all these years thinking that the Olympics were a world event where country and cultural differences are put aside to celebrate the great athletic accomplishments of an individual.

I'm wrong.

It's pure American.


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Well Katie, I saw the little comment you left on Tyler's Blog. Why don't you go take a gander at the Frazier Blog? Oh, what's that, 3 posts in less than a week? You better watch out, because we are on a Blogging High, my friend...

Lindsay said...

I think blogger just ate my comment, so I'll try again - but yeah, some people should really consider thinking before they speak. "As American as..." there are SO many appropriate ways to finish that sentence. "The Olympics" though? Yeah, not so much. ;)

Lindsay said...

ps. I like the idea of the class your husband is teaching. Very much, in fact. :)