Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bring em up right

I sort of thing this picture is AWESOME, despite my sister's inability to take a picture without cutting off the top of a head or bottom of a leg.

She's totally going to be an engineer like her aunty. (that'd be me)


CageQueen said...

Ohmigawsh! What a gorgeous head of hair! Love the red! Love the curls! Beautiful!

Maggie said...

The hair looks red in that photo, but really it's blonde.

Also, I do have an inability to capture a whole person in a photo, but for this particular circumstance I have an excuse. The photo was taken from the front seat looking into the back seat. I was as far away as I could get and that's as much of her as I could get. Also she managed to graph a function that day! Now I really do believe that monkeys could write Shakespear.