Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Does it reflect poorly on me and my puppy parenting skills if our dog takes a huge dump in the middle of the floor during his first puppy training lesson?

Because he totally did.

And I was pretty mortified.

On the plus side, that's the first poop in 3 months that one of us hasn't had to bend over and personally scoop up a handful of excrement. I guess that's worth $50 a lesson, right?


Erin said...

I wouldn't worry about it! :)My dog is an excited pooper. As in, he gets ridiculously excited about something, and he has to go. We have to take him for a walk before we can take him to boarding because he pooped on the floor like 2 steps into the lobby once, he just got so excited. So embarassing.

CageQueen said...

Nope, not a reflection on you AT ALL. They go into sensory overload and literally can't help themselves because their brains are overloaded. Don't you watch Cesar? LOL.