Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Loosing it

Two things I thought I KNEW about an hour ago:

1) there was a string cheese in my purse
2) I had no change except pennies

When I looked down into my purse to try to fetch the string cheese I became a bit confused. On first glance I couldn't find it. Now, my purse isn't really one of those bottomless-pit types so I can pretty much tell if something is in there. Despite that fact I frantically pushed aside random receipts and gum wrappers thinking somehow a standard size string cheese could be obscured by trident packaging. It wasn't there.

Curiously enough there was a random quarter in there.

Suddenly my mind leaped to the following (insane) conclusion:

Someone must have stolen my string cheese out of my purse and dropped a quarter in like I am some kind of WALKING VENDING MACHINE!!!!!!

30 minutes later I found the cheese on the floor of my car, still no explanation for the extra quarter. Don't worry, in-depth investigations will commence shortly.


CageQueen said...

Oh, how you crack me up!

Greeneyes said...

In that same vein, my elderly neighbor used to say, "Of course I believe in the great hereafter....every time I go to the basement I think, 'What the heck am I here after?' "

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! You are hilarious!

Anth said...

A walking vending machine...that would be so handy!