Friday, September 05, 2008

I wish I were a little bit deeper

*****don't worry, this isn't about politics****

As you know, I live in the Denver area. As a result of proximity I found myself interested in the happenings of the DNC. Usually I steer clear of both conventions because they seem a little bit Disney-like. A bunch of speeches directed to the choir and clapping. No thanks. I prefer to wait for the debates.

Anyway, during the DNC I decided that I kind of liked Michelle Obama. I thought the dress she picked for her speech was pretty rockin, despite a distracting sun broach.

I have been telling myself that I am an independent voter, living in a "purple" state who wants to fully research both sides of this upcoming election. So, I decided I needed to watch a few minutes of the republican national convention...just for equality.

I caught a little bit of Sarah Palin's speech, and thought:

Who was doing this chick's hair? She's got a freakin cone head. Plus, its too bad that Tina Fey isn't on SNL anymore because she'd be a shoe in for a look alike, and that'd be some funny stuff.

It was at this point that I realized that I need to get a grip, grow up a little and listen to what they're saying instead of critiquing their outfits.
But, really, Sarah Palin, who told you to wear oatmeal beige? Yuck.


TRS said...

Ooh. Palin should get Fey's haircut - that's a solution!

I think Palin is just trying to make her long hair look professional - so she can be taken seriously. That's why she puts it up or partially up.
My thought was that whoever did her hair wanted to do it in such a way that you couldn't see any clips and such.

And ... I thought Palin's jacket was silvery gray - not beige.

Maggie said...

My personal favorite so far is Cindy McCain. She's very stylish and beautiful and has great hair.

PS. Dan thoguht it was funny that I was doing this SAME thing through both conventions.

Anonymous said...

Cindy McCain looks like she's made of plastic

Katie said...

Sorry Mags, but I think Cindy McCain looks like a barbie doll. The ear doctor and I both think there's just something a tiny bit fake about her.

Maggie said...

That's too bad. I still think she's beautiful.

TRS said...

My mom thinks she looks like a Barbie doll too! But the more you observe her - it seems her genuine nature shines through.

Anyone who adopts children has to be down to earth - no matter how generically beautiful they are.

Greeneyes said...

Chuckling here...I totally thought of the Tina Fey resemblance when Sentaor McCain announced Ms. Palin as his running mate!
I agree on the need for some hair intervention, though.

Raven said...

I loved the dress that Michelle Obama wore later on in the DNC that was sleeveless with adornment at the neckline? It was gorgeous. She dresses very well. (I didn't like what she wore the night that Barack spoke however) Did you see what Sarah wore when McCain spoke? Oh my heavens, nothing like giving some boobage to the republican base. Jeez.

As for Cindy, the money she spends is just too extreme for me to get behind. Who needs 3 karat flawless diamond earrings? I could say other things but I'll focus on the fashion and not be mean :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the republicans, but I do think that if Cindy's family worked hard to make their business ventures such a success then she has the right to wear what she wants. Who are we to judge her family's success harshly? It comes across as jealousy....

rookie cookie said...

Please tell me you saw SNL on Saturday night and saw Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Pure brilliance.

Spencer said...

Looks like you're one step ahead, Katie. I saw an article that Tina Fey played Palin on Saturday. So smart.