Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Auction results

I am totally blown away by the generosity of everyone involved in my auction. From the sponsors to the bidders, everyone has been so amazing. Not to be too corny, but participating in this little online endeavor has been one of the more personally rewarding experiences in the past year.

Alright, onto the winners.

With a last minute bid, the Orange Bell bracelet went to Katharina for $115

The wonderful little handmade box went to Dubya for $25

The darlybird earrings were purchased by Nurse Graham for $60

Jacqueline won the felted pieces with a bid of $50

Maggie (not my sister) is going to be the proud owner of these Snow&Graham papergoods with a $65 donation

cj will be doing some sun salutations on this Lotuspad Yoga Mat for the generous bid of $60

Guess what, Nell won the Tretorn sneakers for $85. She really wanted these.

Amanda will be strutten her stuff in this turquoise Shabby Apple 90 Words Per Minute dress because she bid $70

Last but not lease, Melinda out bid me to score this great brown Tuxedo III dress from Shabby Apple for $70

Winners: If you haven't already done so, make your donation via paypal. They will email you a donation confirmation. Forward that to me at katie.cardon (at) Then, I'll either mail you the prize or put you in touch with the sponsor to collect your goodies.

If I added this up right, that means this little auction generated $600 for the Nielsons. I could not possibly be happier. Thanks to everyone who participated. Tune in tomorrow for the door prize results!


Leslie said...

yay for everyone. be sure you send your total amount to

in case a billion other people didn't tell you that already. :)

Anonymous said...

I did really want those. I REALLY wanted those. And as mom always said, persistence paid off!