Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What do you think?

My grandma bought a BEAUTIFUL mid-century modern arm chair over a decade ago. I don't know when exactly she got it, but I know it's been a long time because I remember at least 2 different fabrics covering the cushion. It is kind of like this one, but higher, shallower and a much nicer seat.

The coolest part is that my grandpa looked at the chair and decided to duplicate it. Being a master woodworker, this came naturally to him. Now they have two gorgeous chairs that sit in their front room. They are so identical that it is impossible to tell which was purchased and which was crafted.

I covet them every time I go to her house.

The ear doctor and I really need more seating in our house and 2 chairs like this are exactly what I want. I found these listed on craigslist for $20 each. They aren't nearly as cool, but they kind of give the same vibe, right? I could easily recover them.

Should I get them?


CageQueen said...

No chance Gramps would make you two more? My mom is only in her mid fifties and already she's into giving us her stuff ot "inherit." Perhaps if the knew you loved them so much they'd fork 'em over. If they're that cheap and you're in the mood for a project I say go for it!

TRS said...

Ooh.. I spotted two chairs like your grandparents' at an estate sale a year ago... and I didn't buy them! Regret regret REGRET!!!

They are awesome and I'm still kicking myself because I could have had them both for $100.

The two chairs pictured.... Katie, I don't know. They look like office furniture to me. I think you should hold out.

Come down to Denver and I'll take you some great antique and second hand shops. I've found a ton of cool stuff.
Check out ModLivin on east Colfax... they have some great vintage stuff in their basement and tons of modern reproductions on their main floor.

TRS said...

these are kinda cool - would they go with your awesome leather sofa?


Anonymous said...

We have 2 very similar chairs downstairs - refugees from my husband's former office. These chairs say "late 20th century office" not "mid-century modern" to me (who knew the style as "Danish Modern" at the time)

Tanya said...


Im such a fan of mid-century modern. My grandmother was an accountant for Scan (a Scandinavian furniture store) and she and my grandfather lived in the coolest mid-century house and I think that shaped my tastes some...even though architecturally, I really prefer older houses.

Id be ALL OVER these! Why can I never find anything good on Craigslist?

Sarah G said...

I don't know man. They are kinda throwing the Dr. Office vibe. Maybe if they were $10 a piece, but I wouldn't pay $20 each for them.

Katie said...

Yeah, I was thinking of maybe offering $10 each and seeing if they could be reworked. They're a far cry from perfect, but for $20 might not be a bad little project.

dltim said...

The chairs that grandma has are about 40 years old. I remember being very small when grandpa made the matching chair. That is about 4 decades. If the chairs on craigs list are built solid you really can't go too far wrong at $20. It's the fabric that makes them look office furniture IMHO

dltim said...

Hey, doesn't this chair look like grandma's other chair?

dltim said...

crate and barrel has some chairs that look like the craigslist ones.


I'm waiting for the appraiser to come and write an estimate on the volvo's banged up fender, so I've got a minute or two.

dad said...

Since your mother bought me an entire wood shop, we can build you two chairs. Or breakdown and go to Dania and buy two really good, stylish chairs.

dltim said...

Oh my, he is really promising something above our skill set at this point. Although... the table has turned out awesome. Somehow I think that the little chairs to go with the table may prove to be more challenging. I'll let you know.

Maggie said...

Theres a store here in St. Louis that happens to be within walking distance from my house that I think you would LOVE! It's called TFA for The Future Antiques. Because to truly be called antique something has to be at least 50 years old (or is it 75, I can never remember) and these things aren't that old yet. I hope I get to show it to you sometime!

Anyway, they have some furniture that I think you might really like.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa's duplicate chair is made of solid black walnut. Cut from Aunt Em's tree.
Grandma Jane

Katie said...

Really? I didn't know it was made out of Aunt Em's tree....now I REALLY love it.

TRS said...

OOh the crate and barrel van dyke chair is awesome.

Can I please join your family? Everyone has such great taste!