Friday, July 08, 2005

These straws look like poo

When my sister was little she used to line her change up in perfect rows. The quarters would be stacked 5 high all along the edge of her closet shelves.

When she made her bed the quilt on top would be run perfectly parallel to the sides of the bed, and the corners of the bed would line up within an inch to the centers of the square quilt blocks.

Maggie's carpet would always have straight, perfect lines after vacuuming and she would intentionally walk in specific areas so that it would keep that freshly vacuumed look.

This makes it sound like she's anal, but she's not. She just doesn't like change. Working on being more flexible will be her life's greatest challenge.

I always thought I was so much better at it than Mags, but turns out I was fooling myself.

This morning I went to the kitchen at work and made myself a cup of hot cocoa like I do every morning after I read all my email. I put the powder into the bottom of my white Styrofoam cup, and pulled back the tap on the coffee machine to let the blistering hot water fall.

As I reached my hand up to complete step 3 in the process I've been completing every morning for the past 2 years I hesitated.

Someone had switched my pretty, clean white stirring straws.

They had been replaced by brown and black straws.

After a moment of indecision, I grabbed 2 brown ones (I always use 2 as I feel they provide more stirring strength) and scurried back to my office.

Even now as I look down at my cup those two brown straws irk me.

I guess I can't handle change either.


Anonymous said...

Your sister's new husband is in for a serious surprise. My wife is/was a little like that. I had to learn to adjust. Not knowing your fiscal situation, I suggest we, in the internet community, either send you stirring sticks or contribute to a paypal account for the sticks.

Poo cocoa ... there's a thought...


Mrs. Architect said...

Oh how I can relate! I'm not anal by any means, but its the little quirky things I have (like white stirring straws) that irk me!!

Mrs. Architect said...

Oh, and I am glad to hear you like Citizens of Humanity Jeans. I have yet to splurge on a $200 pair of jeans yet, but I am on the verge because I CANNOT find ones I love. And really truly, I wear them so much, it will be worth the investment. In a couple weeks I am heading to try on several brands. Citizens of Humanity, Paper Denim, True Religion, D Squared, Juicy, and Joes. We'll see how any of them work out. Know of any opinions on any of those others?

Katie said...

I just love my citizens and I got them on sale so they were unter $150 (not by much).

I've tried on Juicy (didn't really like them), Paper Denim (nice fit, but a little tight around the waist and not good around my booty), and True Religion (out of my price range a bit). The others I've never tried.

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

I so totally get the straw thing. It's like when someone moves my razor in the shower. I just KNOW they've touched it and, quite possibly, used it. And I just can't get over it. As for the stacking of the quarters...uh, guilty. Just in a box on my dresser, in piles of 6. Yep.

Unknown said...

You are hilarious! I am the same way. As long as I'm the one changing things up, no big deal. However, the moment someone switches toilet paper brands in my office bathroom or sits in My Seat in class, I'm all disoriented.

Alice said...

Man... I've always hated change, but every time I've been forced to do it (white straw to brown) I've discovered I am always better off after. Maybe the brown straws are for the best?

Brown is the new white after all (or is that the new black?).