Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moving a step behind

So I don't know what it is lately, but I feel like the rest of the world is advancing a fraction of a second ahead of me. I seem to be late to everything I do, regardless of my good intentions to be early. The following is a list of examples of the acceleration of the world, and my inability to keep up:

1. Missed my flight to Seattle on Saturday morning. I've never missed a flight before. Ever. It was bizarre to be there standing at the big window looking out at the plane I was supposed to be on pull away from the jet way and take off without me.

2. Forgot to do my Spanish homework. Usually I am a homework fanatic. Usually I have all my homework done at least a day in advance. For some reason time decided to rush ahead without notifying me and I found myself at class on Tuesday morning completely empty handed.

3. Tuesday night all I could do was sit and watch TV. I was unable to get off my bum an do anything due to the fact that my normal amount of energy looks like total lethargy when set in the reference frame of this new dizzying paced environment.

4. Yesterday I realized that I had to get all of the homework and quizzes graded for the class I TA and I didn't have a solutions key made yet. For some reason, unknown to me, the huge gap of time I thought I had to create a key had fallen in on itself and I am left to scramble to get the grades entered.

5. My hair has grown wildly out of control and I didn't notice until my friend Amy (who cuts my hair) asked if I wanted an appointment. I didn’t even notice anything.

6. Despite my best efforts, I have been late to 3 of 4 lectures this week.

So there you see. Proof that the rest of the world is spinning faster than normally and for some reason I missed the accelerator bus.

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k said...

I'm sure when you get fully acclimated to your new student lifestyle, you'll catch up.

Me, I am always late, with no excuse.