Friday, December 16, 2005

Warning: ANOTHER post about how great the ear doctor is

I know this blog sometimes gets a little on the effusive side about how great my boyfriend is, but he's just so awesome that he deserves a little recognition.

Last night we went on the perfect holiday date.

First, he had called around and tried to get us tickets to see a Christmas Carol in Denver, but the show was sold out. Plan B, he called around and got all the details about the Christmas lights at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

On my way home from work he called and filled me in.

We decided that the Gardens were for us. Because the garden is in Denver, and he lives between my house and Denver, we decided that it really would make more sense if I drove to his house and then we took off from there. Then he said, "I really want to make sure this is a date and I want to come pick you up." So cute, but in the end impractical. (Even though I really wanted him to come get me too)

Last night was bitter cold and I figured that if we were going to be strolling around outside that I'd really need to bundle up. As I squeezed my arm through the sleeve of my new Eskimo coat I seriously thought about taking one of the 5 shirts off that I was wearing under my sweater, but I'm glad I didn't because it was COLD!

When we arrived at the garden we decided to get the holospek glasses for an extra dollar. Boy, am I glad we did. These glasses were awesome because when you put them on all of the little twinkle lights became shaped like little 6 pointed snowflakes. It was really breathtaking. As we walked around the light filled gardens, I was just plain happy. All along the path they had arched abors covered in icesickle lights dangling down. At the top of each arch there were huge balls of mistletoe. We took advantage of each and every one.

In the middle of the garden they had set up a heated tent where a bell chorus was performing. It was really really beautiful and awesome to watch these people really into their music. One lady looked like the nicest grandma who was obviously a retired kindergarten teacher. When she got really excited by the music she would smile, dance and stick her little tongue out a bit. It was really great to see her that happy.

After the performance we went up and talked to the conductor of the group. With the ear doctor's knowledge of sound and my knowledge of bell making and vibrations/acoustics/physics we had quite an interesting conversation. I love talking to members of interesting little subcultures. They get so excited when someone outside of their circle of acquaintances gets interested in their passion.

After a totally romantic, festive, fun activity, the ear doctor and I tried this new restaurant in Denver. It was amazing. They seated us right by the crackling fire and brough us the most amazing food. I had a fairly simple dish of penne pasta, chicken, carrots and green beans in a lemon cream sauce. The vegetables were so fresh and almost shockingly flavorful. Really, amazing. The ear doctor had the best pork chop I've ever tasted sprinkled with gorganzola cheese (which I found a bit to mold tasting, but he loved it).

On the way home we listened to Christmas carols in the car. Despite my best efforts and raucous singing, I got warm and tired and fell right to sleep mid Joy to the World.


Unknown said...

That sounds so romantic. And I'm sure he thought it was adorable to watch you peacefully sleeping after such a great evening. :)

katezmom said...

Poor girl... falling asleep like an angel after what sounds like a head over heel evening! Your holiday certainly adds to my pleasure of the season. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Everything you post is retarded. I want to make a list:
- Why is he called the ear doctor? Grow up. If you're so in love with this guy why are you reluctant to put his name up? I can see keeping it anonymous if you're just starting to date him and you're not sure what's going to happen, but why are you still keeping it a secret?
- No one is as nice as you think this guy is. I think you live in a fantasy world, and when you one day marry him you're going to discover that he's a real person and you'll be disappointed.
- Speaking of which, why aren't you getting married to this guy if he loves you as much as you think he does?
You know what I think? I think the ear doctor doesn't exist at all. That's why you have to censor the pictures of him; you just find funny pictures on the Internet and edit out the person's face so that you can pretend it's your boyfriend.
And while I'm at it, you're template sucks. Why do you keep changing it? Just because you find some picture on the Internet doesn't mean it's going to look good. And they're big. And slow. And you're stupid.

shafnitz said...

I feel sorry for the person who's life is so pathetic they have to rip on someone they've never met... via the internet.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet date! I loved reading about it. Thanks for sharing it, considering this is the internet and you are not obliged to share anything you do not want to!

p.s. I love your template.

Maggie said...

She's not keeping her blog a secret to her boyfriend! I'm her sister and I've met the kid. He was at my wedding! You're a stupid dork and if you don't like the blog you can just stay way. Katie I love you and I think the ear doctor is just as amazing as you say he is.

The Unprocessed Project said...

Whoa? What's up with anon? Obviously this person knows quite a bit about your life and is quite jealous. I like how he/she talked about you keeping the e.d. anonymous, but he/she posted anon! Chicken!

PS-Your template is purdy. Someone is a Scrooge.

Katie said...

To Anon,

Woah, get a grip.

I call him the ear doctor becuase at the beginning of our relationship I wasn't sure if he would want his name plastered all over the internet. Now I just kind of think it's funny.

He is an awesome boyfriend, but he has his flaws like anyone else. I choose not to post things that annoy me about him on this site becuase I feel that is passive aggressive and a bad way to communicate with someone in a real relationship. Believe me, I have some experience with this.

Anyway, I'm sorry you don't like my template, but I do and it's my site so if you don't like it or it takes too much of your precious time to load it up you never have to come back again.

But still, thanks for stopping by and giving me a laugh.

Anth said...

Anon, thanks for the laugh. Katie, the ED sounds better and better. What a cool night. And I'm sure he's used to your falling asleep whenever and wherever. Ha ha