Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today I was making my usual daily stop over at Design Mom. Her give-aways of the day have completley engrossed me for the last month and I'm sad they'll be ending this week.

Anyway, today's give away are really pretty earrings hand-made by a designer named Peggy Li. The earrings are really breathtaking, and so is a lot of Peggy's other work, but that's not why she inspiried me to post.

In her bio it says that she was a Chemical Engineering major at UC Berkeley before she competley switched gears and started her own jewlery design company.

When people do stuff like this I am blown away by their bravery. It takes serious guts to give up a career that may have been lucrative and "stable" in the eyes of the rest of society and decide to start making jewelry.

It made me want to throw in the engineering towel, head down the the Culinary Institue and start my new life as a pastry chef....

...or maybe I'm just thinking like that because it is finals week?

Probably the latter.


...wouldn't it be awesome to be able to make desserts for people that just wipe away the hardness of their world, the badness of their day, the banality of their life in one scrumptious bite?


Heather said...

That's funny I have thought the same thing many times. I would never make it as a pastry chef, but I love to experiment with dinner and savory dishes. I love cooking for other people. If I could cook all day as a career I know I would love it. Ah well... Biology is really fun too.

k said...

i always have thoughts like that. i have plenty of careers lined up for my future. i'm too scared to take a big risk though so unless i find a sugar daddy to marry, i'll probably just stick with my boring, yet secure job. we can all dream though!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmm.... Chocolate can always cure a crummy day. I love to cook for people too, but can't do the dessert thing. That takes real skills. What, don't you think this job rocks?

-your cube neighbor