Thursday, September 29, 2011

Midnight musings

Today my littler sister wrote a really great post about what keeps her up at night. She's pregnant with #3 right now, so most of her nocturnal worries center on the welfare of her little ones.

I have always been a good sleeper. Always. When we were little my parents played a game where they offered a dollar to the kid who fell asleep first. I'm pretty sure I was always the winner...and come to think of it, I was never really reimbursed for my obedience.

Even now, as an adult, I'm a rockstar sleeper. But occasionally something keeps me up.


It's the only thing that can tear me from my dreams, rob me of slumber and motivate me to sit at the dining room table in my underwear signing checks and licking envelopes.

How about you? What keeps you up at night?


Maggie said...

In your underwear? Do you sleep in your underwear? I could never do that. What if the house catches on fire and I have to make a mad dash? I'd like to know I'd have more on than my undies.

Unknown said...

Mine are pretty much the same reasons as Maggie. Death of loved ones, terminal illnesses, Finn choking, drowning or getting run over by a car, Dennen getting in a car accident, scary scenarios, etc. Yeah, I don't worry at all...

MSmith said...

too hot
too cold
where are my kids?
snoring partner
lesson plans
home remodeling projects
career plans
trip plans
fingernail that snags on the sheet
rough heels
dry eyes
dry mouth
composing poetry
computer solutions

...that's about it most nights...

MSmith said...

and Maggie...if my houses catches fire, the neighbors are going to be very shocked.