Thursday, November 08, 2012

Post baby tip

I hope this isn't too much information for everyone, but it has been one of the bigger post-baby worries for me, so I thought I'd share.

I had to have a c-section in order to welcome this little man to the world. As a result I wasn't up and walking around much right after he entered the world. Also, I was on a clear liquid diet. Result? No poo. 

Everyday I was in the hospital people asked me about my poo.  I started to stress out about it. The doctor told me to drink some Maalox, but she didn't know that Maalox is the absolute only medicine I can't stand. 

Probably because one Christmas eve my mom had me drink some in an attempt to prevent the inevitable yearly festive barf-extravaganza. Backfire...the chalky taste of the stuff was too much and I puked it all over the floor of my grandma's basement bathroom.

I really tried to drink the stuff in the hospital thinking that now, as an adult woman who had just attempted to go through labor, I could handle it. No dice. I got through half of a tiny bottle and had to stop for fear of puking and ripping the staples in my belly. 

So they let me leave the hospital without having a movement...which I was both happy and scared about. First day home, no action. Second action. I was starting to get really nervous. My wonderful father-in-law went to the grocery store and picked me up these little beauties.

Let me tell you...they are magic little things. 

Get won't be sorry.


Unknown said...

Finn got constipated all the time as a baby. Prunes were a life saver for us!! Glad things are moving along ;)

Mrs. Case said...

Nobody told me how important it was to poop and I didn't have enough sense to be concerned. Glad you got your situation handled because I did not and the result was an extrmeely severe tear that almost required surgery, not to mention a TON of humiliation.

Anonymous said...

Sugar snap peas also work well!

Anth said...

The first post-baby poop was really frightening. Especially after my first, that's when I was the most jacked up down there. Hope THAT'S not TMI. haha Yay prunes! My mom used to give us prunes as snacks, which most people seem to think is weird. :)

poodle said...

hahaha, this is the best post-baby story I have ever heard! so glad to hear you're doing well!

dad said...

Your Grandpa was the Mallox sales rep. He used to go out in the desert and shoot Mallox bottles with his .22 cal rifle. Than ks for a great week.