Wednesday, July 14, 2004

10 days

The skiing yesterday was AMAZING! It was the first time, after an entire season of attempting last summer that I got up slalom. Once I got the hang of it, it really wasn't that hard. I am a skiing champ. Now I really need my own boat. Why are toys so expensive?

Coming back to work after spending two glorious hours on the lake was painful. All afternoon I texted back and forth with the mail man. He asked me when he could have a rematch with Texas and other kind of flirty things, so that was nice. At the end of the exchange he said he had to focus on work, so he'd call me later. That made me happy.

I got home from work and was so tired! I honestly felt like I had been hit by a truck. Amy was making dinner for the missionaries and asked if I wanted to join. I'm not going to turn down home cooked fried chicken, so I said yes. Even though all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and take a nap, I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her out. She told me that I looked tired and if I wanted to nap, she would come wake me up when dinner was ready. All of a sudden an angelic light fell upon her and I realized that she must have been sent from above. All a tired and hungry person wants to hear is that someone else will wake them from a nap and feed them right away. It reminded me of my mom a little.

The nap was delicious. One of those naps that you wake from and it feels like your arms weigh 50 pounds each because every muscle in them is relaxed. Wonderful.

Dinner was good, except the missionaries stood Amy up. It was nice to sit and chat with Erik and Amy. Erik showed me a bunch of card tricks, so that was cool. After dinner we cleared the table (I did the dishes like the good sponging roommate) and set out the clue board. I forgot how much I like that game. It is really pretty fun. During the first game the mail man called me, but I didn't answer because my phone was upstairs in my room and I was too tired to run. Between the first and second games I went up and got it. He didn't leave me a message. I should have got the hint from that. He was just calling because he said he would, and not because he especially wanted to see me or talk. Anyway, I was excited to hear his voice (I know this is lame, but its true), so I called him back. Listening to the promptings of my friends, I invited him over to play games with us. It was almost 8 and he said that he just got home and was going to shower and eat dinner with his family and stuff, so he didn't know if he was going to come over. I said, "Ok, well if you want to come over you can." In my mind I was thinking, "That’s cool, he doesn’t like board games. Don't take this personal, a lot of people don't like games. Plus, he just sprained his ankle last night so he probably wants to just relax."

Well, Erik really wanted to go out and play mini-golf so he told me to call the mail man back up and ask him to go play golf with us. I called him back and he said (this is a direct quote), "No, I think I'm going to take the night off." I said ok and hung up. I got all upset about that comment, and even when I came into work I was intending this post to be a rant about that excuse, but as I started to type I realize that he has a SPRAINED ANKLE. Of course he didn't want to walk around on it for 2 hours playing mini golf. I am totally retarded. Why is it that when someone says something like that my first response is to take it so personally? He wasn't saying that hanging out with me has become some kind of menial task and he needs some time off from me. He just didn’t want to hobble around in the dark. I'm so dumb sometimes. I got myself all worked up over nothing, plus I probably made him feel bad last night for turning me down. I'm a total moron.

This morning I woke up and my shoulders and back are just SORE from water skiing. How lame. I need to get out on the water more often so I get over this. On the plus side, I am getting the best tan of my life on my arms this summer from all this outdoor activity. I mean my arms are seriously not white. Right now I am wearing the white leather watch that I got back in February. When I got it, the leather was the same color as my wrist, but now it is decidedly not. Most of you would still look at my arms and say they were as white as the driven snow, but you have to look at them through a red-head's perspective. In that light, I'm practically Mexican.


Maggie said...

Oh man I wish I could be Mexican like you! Don't get overly confident. All you need is to forget one time and it'll hurt like none other! Just reminding you as another red head. Even though you CAN get color doesn't mean you should stop wearing sun block!

Katie said...

I would never stop wearing sun block. Not only does it prevent extreme pain, but it is my trademark. Where would Minnie Pearl be without the pricetag hanging from her hat? Or Pauly shore be without the weez? or Porky Pig be without "that's all folks"?