Tuesday, July 06, 2004


This weekend had fireworks, both physical and emotional for me.

Friday we took off around 1 pm and headed down to Crested Butte. Actually, the town closest to our final destination is called Pitkin. The drive down was pretty interesting. I sat in the middle of the back of Colin's green monster. It was pretty cramped since I was sitting between Kristian and Colin's cousin Kierstin. Anyway, we got to Pitkin alright, but the plan was to meet up with Jaime and Alan. They were both late because Jaime thought we were meeting in Crested Butte, and traffic made a normally 6 hour drive from Los Alamos, NM a 9 hour drive for Alan. Sarah and I waited down in town for them to show up while the others went up to set up the tents and stuff. Sarah played the piano for me, and I played a guitar with only 5 strings. Anyway, everyone showed up by 9. We had hot dogs, smores and went to bed.

Saturday we woke up and Colin made breakfast burritos with spicy Italian sausage. For some reason my body thought that it needed to wage a full out assault on the sausage. I was doubled over in pain. While I was in agony, we were all sitting around the fire talking. For some reason my mind and heart were jogged to think about my Aunt Sandy who died of colon cancer 2 months ago. Remembering her was more than I could bear in front of everyone, so I took a little walk in the woods to clear my head. I really miss her and because I didn't get to go to the funeral I still haven't really dealt with her passing. I miss her so much it is unreal. Anyway, so after a while of being alone and thinking things through I came back to camp. Everyone was getting ready for a hike, so I strapped on the old hiking boots and headed off with the group. We drove up to the trail head and parked. I walked for about 5 minutes and started feeling a lovely churning in my stomach. I thought if I just got moving it would all mix up and stop hurting. Just as we got to the steep part of the ascent to the top it started feeling like someone was ripping me in half. I had to curl up and just lay in the middle of the path. Well, it was about this time that I decided the top of the mountain was not for me, and Sarah and I turned around and walked back down. We made it to the cars alright, and I sat down and let my stomach just knead itself. Well, it had been a long time, so we decided that we wouldn't wait for the others to get back to the cars, we'd just walk back down to the campsite. I should have known better than to take off with Sarah. Almost every trip I've been on with that girl she takes off and gets lost. Anyway, we took a wrong turn somewhere and our trial dropped off the wrong side of the mountain. We walked and walked and walked until Sarah noticed that the pine trees of our campsite had turned into Aspen groves, indicating we were WAY below the elevation of our campsite. There was nothing for it, but to just keep walking. Eventually, we came to the orange circle reflectors and knew we were almost back, but since we had dropped so far, I knew the hike back would include a pretty serious climb. I was tired and hungry and not really sure of the right road, so we asked these mountain hicks where we needed to go. They offered us a ride and some cherry cake, and we accepted. We got back to the campsite and Colin and his uncle had gone out and searched for us. In my brain, I like to think that Colin was worried about Sarah because he is crazy about her. It made me miss having a boyfriend who would search for me if I got lost. Or take of his snowboard and hike back up a black run to find me. When we got back I took a nap, but was awakened to a strange repetitive thumping. I shook off my grogginess and found out that Colin and Alan had decided to chop down a tree. Guys are so weird. I would never look at a big tall tree in a forest and use a dull axe to chop it down. Anyway, it took a really long time, and ended up falling the wrong direction, so they couldn't even use it for firewood. For dinner we had chili up at some friend's cabin. Everyone was raving about how it was the best chili ever and I politely remained silent, because I didn't think it was as good as my mom's. After dinner we went down to Pitkin for the town ho-down. I was disappointed because I thought it would be bluegrass and square dancing, but it was just a DJ playing bad music like a church dance. I did get to dance with Alan and Eric both, which was nice. Afterward, more smores.

Sunday morning we got up, made banana pancakes and took off for Crested Butte. This town is AMAZING. It was small and right in the mountains and just great. I could live there if there was a job for me. Anyway, we watched a parade and I caught a red plastic duck thrown by the shriners. At the end of the parade, the whole town went crazy and had a big water fight. Alan drenched me, which was exciting. I was so cold. After the parade we went on a hike. We were all wearing flip flops, so it wasn't all that intense. At one point, Jaime dropped her backpack and it almost fell into the creek. About half way through the hike we found a bench and sat down and hung out. I made a daisy chain bracelet, and the boys dropped big rocks into the creek to make splashes. Eric decided to put a bunch of rocks in the bike trail so that the bikers would have a challenge. Like the brat that i am, I moved them all back out of the way. Everyone teased me about be the Mom and ruining the fun, but I could just see someone like me who doesn’t know how to mountain bike at all get to those rocks and freak out. Anyway, I hiked on a little farther by myself to clear my head. The whole day I had been overly sarcastic and mean to almost every body. I had complained about the hike and just been really annoying. I realized that I hated that about myself and felt really embarrassed by my actions. I resolved to change and be better. Half of us hiked back to town, and the other half hiked back to the cars. I was a towner. When we got back something just wasn't right with Eric, so I tried to talk to him and see what was wrong. I ended up acting really immature and I was embarrassed again. We all split up for dinner. I went with Sarah and Colin. As I sat eating my chicken burrito, I realized that I had acted poorly and all I wanted to do was apologize to Eric. As soon as I saw him again I went up to him and said I was sorry. He was so confused and asked what he had done wrong. I told him it was nothing, and I felt like I was acting like a baby. Things got all worked out, so that was GREAT. We all sat in a field and watched the fireworks. We were right under them, and once I thought the embers were going to drop right on us. It was cool. I was sandwiched between two couples and didn't have anyone to cuddle with, but besides that it was great.

Monday we woke up, broke camp, and drove home. When I got home I took the longest, hottest shower of my life. In three days my hair had become so greasy it looked like I was developing dreads. Anyway, after the shower I settled down and was watching Finding Nemo, when my roommate Amy and her man came in. She threw something at me, and when I found it I was shocked. It was a diamond ring. Turns out he proposed on Friday and she said yes, so I am yet again living with an engaged chick. I'm so happy for her because they are a great match, but they've only been dating since April. They've also decided to get married Jan 6, which means no winter break trip for me. I guess it’s worth the sacrifice (this phrase is said reeking with sarcasm). I mentioned something about throwing her a bridal shower and then I realized that might have been presumptive. I mean, I'm pretty sure that is a maid of honor thing to do, and I'm sure she'll ask one of her sisters, or his sisters to do that. But, now that I've said it I think I'm locked into throwing it, which I'd love to do. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds. Oh well if I did.

So seeing her engaged and reading bridal magazines kind of shook me up. Now that my 23rd birthday is rapidly approaching should I be thinking about getting married? Am I a menace to the ward if I am not dating someone or constantly searching for someone else? Will I end up the cool aunt with a bunch of cats that everyone brings their kids over to see?


marie said...

Hey chickie!
Don't worry about not getting married...just be content with where you are right now. You don't have to worry about staying that way forever. God knows what He's doing and has a pretty good track record (He is perfect afterall). Enjoy this time when you don't have to worry about doing everything with someone else or doing what they want to do...you're FREE to do anything and everything you want!!!

sarah said...

Listen up girlfriend-
The only thing that is a menace to the ward are the disgustingly sappy engaged and married couples who feel the need to caress eachothers faces and whisper sweet nothings all the way through church. Excuse me while I puke.
Happily unengaged or without significant other has more perks that people give credit
For instance:

You can not shave your legs, armpits or anything else for that matter, and the only person you have to worry about grossing out is yourself.

You can spend $150 on a pair of shoes even though you already have a pair the same color and you don't get "the look" from a stupid boy who cannot possibly understand

You can watch endless hours of uninterrupted sex and the city, without worrying that your boyfriend is liking the boob shots of samantha a little too much

But most importantly, you can hang out with your other unengaged friends who think you are an amazing girl and absolutely love your company (aka me!)

katezmom said...

Fine! A menace? I was 26 and Dad was 29. Better to have some fun like Sarah said and then you bring more to a couple. You are wonderful as you are. Meet many people

Anonymous said...

Aaahh...my dream in life - to be free to watch girls with foul mouths have sex indiscriminately, without having to worry if my man likes the soft porn! Please, there are much cooler things about being single. For instance, the ability to eat an entire pizza if you so desire. Or more importantly, the ability to flirt with whomever you want, or never having to compromise with someone else about whatever. I guess I'm objecting to Sarah painting marriage as boring and an end to fun & freedom. My husband doesn't boss me around about what I spend money on. If anything, he's a bit too indulgent. Don't tell him I said that. ;) Every stage in life is fun, so live it up! Regardless of which stage you're in. --Anth