Tuesday, July 13, 2004

11 Days and Counting!

Oh my gosh!

For FHE last night we went ice blocking. As usual, none of my friends came to the activity. That is so discouraging. Ice blocking is a really fun thing, and if they aren't going to come for that, I'm living in a dream world if I think they'll ever come to some other activity. Although, next week FHE is taking everyone out to the Colorado Rockies baseball game for free. There are about 65 people signed up to go. We're going to spend all of our money for the rest of the year on this one activity. I hope everyone has a good time because that will be the end. Whatever.

I'm actually really glad I have this calling because it forces me to be outgoing and meet new people. It is fun to get new friends because they don't disappoint you they way old ones can.

Ice blocking was really fun, but after about 4 runs I gave my block to someone else. I was talking with this really nice girl, Nikki, and I asked her if I brought my Frisbee over if she'd play with me. She said yes, so I started walking back to my car. Just as a rounded the corner I saw the mail man and his sister throwing their Frisbee around. It was like they'd read my mind and brought theirs, saving me a trek back to my car. Anyway, Nikki and I joined their game. He taught me how to throw the Frisbee from the outside, instead of the conventional way from the inside. I actually got the hang of it pretty quick. In my past I've always tried to avoid doing things athletic because I've thought I'd be bad at them, but lately I've been giving them a try and it turns out they weren't as hard as I originally thought. That is a really good lesson for me to have learned. Anyway, we played Frisbee for a while. I was dropping every pass, but that’s alright. I guess the plan was for the mail man to go play hockey with a bunch of people after FHE, but when they asked him if he was going, he told them he wasn't going to. I know this is probably just wishful thinking, but I thought that the reason he didn't want to play with them was because he wanted to hang out with me. Probably not the truth, but still nice to think. We were just about to pack it up and go home when this kid Dwight threw the mail man a really long pass. He took off running to catch it. He jumped in the air, caught it, but came down funny on his ankle and just collapsed. He tried to get up and walk on it, but he fell to the ground. His sister is in physical therapy school and she diagnosed that he had sprained his ankle. He was laying there in the grass, so I thought I'd make myself useful, and I ran to get him one of the abandoned ice blocks so he could ice it down. I thought I was kind of a dumb thing to do, but whenever someone gets hurt I feel like I need to be doing something. What good can I do just standing around staring? I also ran and got him his sandals. He got up and wouldn't let anybody help him walk to his car. I walked along side him and asked if he was alright. He said he would be, but he probably wouldn’t be up for anything later that night but watching a movie. Then, he invited me over to his house to watch a movie. I was really excited, so I said yes.

I went over to his house and his sister, he and I watched some old Disney movie. I guess the movie was a family favorite, and I was being tested to see if I could hang. I am actually a huge fan of the genre, so I fit right in. As the mailman sat with his foot elevated, and iced down with frozen mixed vegetables I stole glances and him and realized that I was INCREDIBLY attracted to the kid. His sister went up to her room mid-movie so it was just the two of us that finished it up. All of my preconceived notions of her maybe not wanting us to get together vanished. What a cool girl she is to leave us alone.

After the movie ended I got up to leave, but we ended up talking for quite a while. He paid me the best compliment I could ever get. He asked me if I played any sports in high school and when I replied with a resounding no, he seemed genuinely surprised. Then he said, "Really? Usually girls who didn't play any sports are uncoordinated. You are really athletic for someone who didn't play any sports. Maybe you should have played in high school, because I bet you'd have done really well." You could have knocked me over with a feather! I've NEVER been told this in my whole life. I've always considered myself un-athletic and been kind of insecure about it, so to have someone compliment me like that was AMAZING. I'm sure he didn't, and doesn't, know how much that comment meant to me, but I will probably always remember it.

No goodnight kiss or hug or anything, but that was alright. I was just thrilled to have been with him. So what I thought was just a mild little crush is growing into a full on death crush.

I'm going skiing during lunch today and I wore my swimsuit under my clothes to work today so that I wouldn’t waste any precious time I could be out on the water. My goal today is to get up on one ski. I'll probably only manage to waste 30 minutes gulping down water while the one ski wobbles all over the place, followed by an immediate start as soon as I strap on the second ski. I don't know why I can’t get up on one, but I just really struggle with that.

I still can't believe he thinks that I am even remotely athletic. I sure have him fooled...or maybe not. I do snow ski, like to hike and camp, have a pretty decent Frisbee throw, and I live for time out on the lake. Perhaps I'm not the uncoordinated, backward geek I've always thought I was. Maybe that mental state was the only thing holding me back from fully embracing the jock within. Maybe not.

One more thing, my mom told me yesterday that she and my dad might come down to Colorado to check out the fiddle contest I’m going to be in on August 7. I really hope they come down because that would ROCK. It’s always nice to feel support of the fam.


Maggie said...

Yeah, it's cool that even though you've grown up your parents are still coming to your recitals. Maybe Daddy wont sleep through this one! Here's for wishful thinking!

Good luck and I love you!

katezmom said...

I have no idea where you got the idea that you were uncoordinated. You were on the gymnastic team and would have done real well but the coach took a look and Dad and me and told us that you were going to be too tall. and you are, for gymnastics. for home you're still the runt.

Katie said...

It is kind of scary when someone who is 5'8" is the runt. Maybe you guys are just amazons, ever think of that?