Wednesday, July 07, 2004


So I just found out that Maggie Jo has a boyfriend! I am thrilled. I just got pictures of them from my mom and he is dreamy! I can't wait to post them here so you all can see what good taste she has. I talked to her yesterday on the phone about him and she is just head over heals, GONE, for the kid! That is great becuase he sounds like a quality guy. Much better than the last one!

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Maggie said...

I am kinda partial to the kid. He is SO GREAT! I really like how last night we went hiking and then had zip's (your favorite!) then watched a movie. Well with my job and with all the staying out and with the hike I immediately fell asleep on the sofa cuddling with him and he was totally cool with it. (That was a really long sentence, sorry.) He wasn't mad that I was asleep during the whole thing. He's a great guy. He wants to do the right things in his life and he has good goals. I'm simply amazed! I want to get better photos before you post them, but if you're really wanting to that's cool I guess some of them are cute.