Thursday, July 01, 2004


So in a preemptive strike I have decided that I, in fact, do not have a crush on the boy that I previously thought I did. After institute last night I tried to talk to him and get the same vibe I did on Monday night, but it just wasn't there, so now I'm not interested. Actually, to be truthful, I don't think he is into me, so I am deciding that I am not into him before he has the chance to make it perfectly clear that he isn't interested. This way I am saved the feelings of rejection that I will avoid at all costs right now.

One of my closest friend's grandpa died earlier this week, and she flew out this morning for the funeral. Last night Sarah and I were going to get her flowers and a card for her. We were walking into the store when, wouldn't you know it, she drove up to us. It was so random that we just happen to be going to the store at the same time. Anyway, we didn't know what to say when she asked us what we were getting, so I lied and said I needed a Pepsi (plausible since I am an addict). Anyway, we got her the flowers and a card, and showed up on her front step about 30 minutes after we saw her. It was really bizarre. We hung out at her house really late and when I realized what time it was, and how early she had to get up for her flight, and that she hadn't packed yet I decided to high tail it outta there.

Today I am going to lunch with the stranger who asked me out on Monday. I saw him earlier today in the hallway, and I tried to be nice, but he was kind of weird. I hope this isn't too uncomfortable, but I can take anything for an hour, right?

So today is one of those days that I just don't want to do anything or see anybody. I just want to go home and crawl back into my bed, watch a movie or read a book and eat really buttery popcorn. Today after work I'm planning on packing for the weekend trip, doing laundry, and cleaning my bathroom. I am SO exciting. I bet you are really glad that you read this entry today.


katezmom said...

Wow, you sound so excited about your plans. Do you realize that you are an amazing "White Skinned Goddess" and you need bow to no one. Don't think of it as pre-emptive rather just pre-empty. Nothing there. Have a fun weekend.

katezmom said...

You think that you're having a blah day. My big clinic just called and cancelled the huge lunch presentation that I had scheduled there. Rescheduled for July 13th but now what. It takes so long to get ready for one of those I committ a lot of time up front and now I'm swinging in the wind. Darn.
You need to ask Miss Margaret about her face spots. It is a matter of utmost concern in the Art school since yesterday they were noticed on her arms!