Friday, July 16, 2004

Tired and Bored

For the past couple of days I've really been feeling bored.  Life seems to be stuck in a rut of a routine and nothing really changes.  I need a challenge.  Something that motivates me, and I just don't seem to have that right now.  Hopefully this move at work on Tuesday will help.  With any luck I will feel completely incompetent and that will get me into gear and excited to learn something new.  This kind of feeling happens pretty regularly every 6-8 months, and I don't really know how to change it.  Usually I just plough through and things get better. 
This morning I don't even really care about how things are going with the mail man.  He is cool, but what's the point?  He's going back to Provo in a month where he will undoubtedly find the girl of his dreams and I'll be a faint memory.  Is it really worth getting myself all involved with someone who won't do the same for me? 
Tonight is my work summer picnic, but I'm seriously considering not going.  Its pretty much just a chance for everyone to stand around a keg of beer and talk about work.  I don't drink, and I don't like talking about work when I'm not there. 
Later my friend Amy is having a BBQ.  That should be fun.  Sarah is back from Mexico, so it will be good to catch up and hear all her stories.  I stopped by her work last night to see her and chat for a while, but she had to keep helping customers, so that put a damper on our convo. 
Saturday I'm going to a concert at the Boulder Theater.  It is going to be filled with hippies that reek of pot, but I already bought the tickets so I'm going.  The only thing I'm looking forward to doing this weekend is playing Frisbee on Saturday. 
Sorry about the funk I'm in this morning, but everyone is entitled to a down day once in a while, right?


the narrator said...

nope... no one is entitled to be down. be happy. it's the law

Katie said...

...thus the American substance abuse problems. Bring on the Prozac.