Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Don't mess with my little sister

So today there was an interesting post on my sister's ex-boyfriend's blog.  If you want to check it out, I've linked it here. Usually I would never expose someone's extremely personal feelings, but this kid is the biggest creep I've met in a long time.

Anyway, for an entire year my sister gave this kid her whole heart and he played with it like a little boy with a new transformer.  The thought it was cool, but as soon as he took it out to school he saw that other little boys had different transformers.  Even though his transformer was top of the line, brand new, never been hurt before, he couldn't be satisfied with it.  Anyway, he broke her heart.  Completely. 

I didn't like him from the very first day I met him, and let her know it.  One time I threw a birthday party for her.  He and his little friend showed up late, made me make more food for them, were loud and obnoxious, and annoyed all the other guests.

When they started dating, I decided to give him a chance.  He was rude to my family (he called my uncle a leprechaun), desecrated the hallowed sanctuary of "grandma's house" and was just annoying.  Anyway, I still tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because my sister has pretty good taste in people, so I thought there must be something redeeming about the kid.  I was wrong.

Anyway, it took her a really long time to get over him.  This summer she has met a great guy, and they have been dating seriously.  She is head over heels for him, and even my dad thinks he might be "the one." 

I guess he found out about her new boyfriend and realized what a good thing he had.

The post left by her ex-boyfriend is a declaration of his love to her. 

He is the most selfish person on the planet. 

If he really loved her he would only want her to be happy.  He would see that Dan makes her happy and not try to manipulate her emotions to get her to come back to him. 

I know how he feels because someone I loved got engaged only 3 months after we stopped seeing each other.  Did I confess my love for him?  No, I said I was happy to hear that he had found someone new, and I really was.  When I hung up I cried the hottest tears I had since I was a little girl.

All I can say is that ANYONE would be a better brother-in-law than that kid.  Thinking of him fills my heart with a disturbing amount of anger. 




Heather said...

Katie, I'm glad you have the gumption to voice your opinion. I don't agree with what Bryant is doing/has done to Maggie either. He has been our friend for a long time, and I never liked the two of them together, dating. Maggie cares for him a lot though, and it would be nice to see him let them be just friends (that's what she wants and she deserves for him to give her what she wants).

Anonymous said...

I don’t know you, but I already like you. I heard about you last night when Bryant came over and poured out his heart about Maggie. He told me about the website drama and it peaked my curiosity, so today I read what he wrote and then clicked on his link to your site. I think you’re awesome because you play the fiddle and you hate the smell of Corn Nuts and you love Napoleon Dynamite. Are you my twin? And I totally agree with you about Bryant being obnoxious sometimes, but I think he’s a cooler guy than you think he is. I don’t think he ever purposefully hurt Maggie, and I don’t think he’s trying to “manipulate her emotions.” I think he finally realized that he made a huge mistake when he let her go and he can’t stand the thought of her marrying someone else without knowing he loves her. I don’t want to cause any more drama—I just want to stick up for Bryant a little and also tell you that I think you’re really cool.


Katie said...


That was nice of you, and I give you props for being so loyal to a friend. B has never really liked me, and I've never really liked him. We're just too different I think. Plus, he really treated my little sister like poo. I've always been the over protective big sister, so I kind of overreact when it comes to seeing her hurt. That's my job, I'm the only one allowed to hurt her feelings.

the narrator said...

maggie's been one of my best friends who was always there for me when i was struggling. i got to see her struggles as well. it sucks that b hurt her, but he's one of my friends too. i think you're being kinda harsh on him. it's stupid and unfortunate that it took him a loss to realize how incredible of a girl he had giving her whole heart to him. sounds like it might be too late. i hope the best for the both of them. 'b' really is a great guy.

Ben said...

I think that this side of the story has a lot of spin. Haven't you ever had to lose something in order to realize how much it meant to you?