Monday, July 26, 2004

Birthday Weekend

All I can say is WOAH about this weekend!

Friday night the party went off without a hitch.  Sarah, Colin, Amy W, Eric T, Erik G, Amy G and I all went out for dinner ( I had a mushroom burger....yummmm). Then, we all met up with a bunch of people at the roller skating rink.  There were so many kids in middle school it was unreal.  It was almost painful to see the rampant insecurity and know exactly how they felt and what they were thinking and going through.  Yikes.  I wouldn't go back to being that age for anything in the world.  Anyway, I used my awesome purple puma rollerskates and was doing pretty well.  I was even doing pretty well going backwards on them until this kid wasn't watching and totally took me out.  I was pretty annoyed at that.  The mail man and I skated for a bit, but intentionally avoided the "couples" skate.  Lame.  After skating, everyone went back to my house for cake.  It was really cool.  Having a bunch of mormons over for a party can either be really fun or really lame.  Because there isn't any alcohol, people have a hard time loosening up.  Anyway, we all took shots of this really nasty juice that my roommate Amy's step mom gave her.  The party was a complete success.  At one point I looked around and everyone in the room seemed to be talking and laughing.  It really made me happy.  Actually, all except for Colin who fell asleep on the floor.  I guess every party needs a pooper, but.....

Saturday was another great day.  I woke up at 10 and stayed in bed reading until noon.  Glorious!  Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a serious cleaning job on the house, and making nanimo bars.  If you have never tried this delectable treat you haven't really lived.  They are my absolute favorite, and totally remind me of going to Lindamens in high school with Brooke. 

At 5 our ward had a luau.  It was supposed to be outside at a pool, but the weather was crappy, so they moved it inside.  It was pretty lame, and the rice they made was WAY funky.  I got to talk to this kid, Matt.  He is really nice and I would have a pretty serious crush on the kid if I weren't so into the mail man.  He plays the jazz piano and played the violin all growing up.  Yet, he still manages to be good at sports.  Pretty impressive in my book.  The mail man decided to go climbing instead of supporting the ward activity.  I don't really blame him because if I hadn't already committed to going I probably would have just stayed home or something. 

After the luau, I hung out with the mail man.  We challenged Amy and Erik to a skee-ball tournament at Chuck E Cheese.  We lost, but not by much. He locked his keys in his car at the climbing gym, so we had to go out to Thorton to get them.  After that we were going to make cookies at my house, but I didn't have any brown sugar, so we decided we'd do it on Sunday.  We watched a movie.  I realized with greater and greater clarity how much I like this kid and how much it will suck when he leaves.

Sunday church was pretty good.  The talks were interesting.  Erik gave one on "the power of determination," which seems a little redundant to me.  The mail man came up to gospel essentials with me and sat by me.  I thought that was a really good sign and kind of a boyfriend-y thing to do. Class was rough, and I fell asleep for 10 minutes of Relief Society.  I made a new friend in RS, so I count that as a worthwhile reason to have gone.

After church the mail man, and his brother and I hung out in the parking lot for a while.  I had to open my trunk to get the directions to the jam session I was going to, and Zane, the mail man's brother, saw my golf clubs.  He went nuts and started getting them out and swinging them around in the parking lot.  Weird. 

I went down to the jam session at my fiddling teacher's house in Denver.  It was awesome!  I played pretty well for my first time ever.  It was so cool. I just sat around with about 4 guitarists backing me up.  I did fairly well, but I'm still going to have to practice before the contest in two weeks.  After all the students played, my teacher and her band (gypsy swing review) started playing.  OH MY GOSH!  They were awesome.  I could have sat there and listened to them all day.  I really wish I could play like that.  I had to leave at around 5, so I said my farewell to my teacher (she is moving to Idaho), and didn't mention the last lesson that I had paid  $35 for and didn't receive.

Came home, crashed for an hour, went to Eric's house for dinner.  We made pizza and tried to get Brett to let us spray whipped cream on his newly shaved head. Then, at 9:30 I went home and called the mail man.  He was still up for making cookies, so he came over and we started.  I licked the beater clean of batter, and promptly felt sick.  I don't know what it could have been?  I mean it is totally strange to get sick from eating 5 nanimo bars, a whole strip of brownies from a 9X13 pan, a beater of cookie dough, hommade pizza and chips and salsa!  Spent the night curled up in a ball on the couch talking to the mail man while he rubbed my back.  Yea for nice boys who try to make you feel better when you have totally gorged yourself on treats.  Goal for the day:  NO SUGAR!


Maggie said...

Hey Katie, I want to talk to you and get your advice about some stuff. When can I call and get a hold of you? I hope you have a great day today!

Katie said...

Probably the best time will be tomorrow after you get off work. I'm going water skiing after work and then to an incubus concert tomorrow. I was planning on going to a movie tomorrow evening with friends, but that won't be until after 7. Call me between 4 and 6 your time tomorrow.

the narrator said...

do you call the mailman, 'the mailman'?

Katie said...

No, I call him his real name. I used that pseudonym so that if he googles his own name some time out of boredom he doesn't find his way to my blog. Tricky, huh.