Thursday, July 01, 2004

My lunch date

So for the first time I went out with someone to lunch that I didn't know at all. Good thing I am such a stellar conversationalist. The only thing that was too bad was that he really didn't ask anything about me. I felt like I was the one asking all the questions. Anyway, we talked about skiing (my new passion) and rock climbing and mountain biking and riding motorcycles. I don't really do any of the last three, so I didn't really have much to say. We talked about our families and where we grew up and stuff. We started talking about music (my territory), but he never really asked what I liked. Which I thought was a little self centered on his part. He paid for my lunch (which made the whole thing feel really date-ish and made me a little uncomfortable to tell you the truth). When we got back to work he asked if we could do it again sometime or maybe something else and I said sure because he was a nice enough person and you can never have too many friends. Anyway, about an hour after I'd been back at my desk he emailed me and apologized for not asking more about the stuff I was interested in. I was impressed by that. Then, he asked if I liked to dance. This was a MAJOR selling point because I LOVE to dance and I haven't gone, or had someone to go with since Mexico in January. If he wants to take me out dancing, I'm up for it any time.

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katezmom said...

Good lunch! and a dancer? Wow you scored big. Dad does a pretty good lunch but dancing is a little bit repetitive and he'll only do it once in an evening. I have tomorrow (friday) off and monday. Dad and Mags work friday so I'm taking Quinn over to CDA and have bkfst w/ Katy and she's keeping Quinn for the weekend.