Thursday, July 24, 2008


Some people collect stamps. Others coins. My little sister used to wear a ring on each of her 10 fingers.

What floats my husband's boat?



k said...

too funny!

Greeneyes said...

p.s. Happy belated b-day!

CageQueen said...

Holey-moley that is a lot of ties!!! Wow.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness!
Does he at least wear ties to work? I can't think of anyone I know under, say... 50, who wears ties to work every day. So I just can't help thinking, man -- it would take A LOT of wedding invitations for anyone I know to get use out of those. hehe. ;)

Maggie said...

What was he doing with all his ties on the floor? He's going to have to pick them all up now. Does he have a tie rack?

Kylene said...

Wow! That's the most ties I've ever seen, besides being in Tie One On. ;P You guys crack me up.