Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good idea El

Yesterday Eleanor asked a good question and I'm following up here. Let's play a little game.

Memory Game: 1. Add a comment to my blog by leaving a memory that you and I experienced together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little, or A LOT. All you have to do, is simply, remember. 2. When you've done that, post this to your blog, experience the memories from your lifetime, and I'll return the favor.

If I've never met you in real life you can comment about a post or a comment or some funny virtual interaction we've had, or something.

That'll be cool, right?


:: e.k.o said...

I definitely have a ton of Boulder memories, but I am going to share a little early Provo :: When I came out and we went to Klint's show in Spanish Fork. Him and Kylene had just gotten engaged. I thought Spanish Fork was SO far from Provo that first trip {When are we going to get there mom?}. Come to find out - it's not ;) Oh, and I kept calling Klint "Kurt" and you were like, "Eleanor, seriously, his name is K-L-I-N-T..."

jani said...

I'm embarrassed that the most prominent memory is one YOU reminded me of!! Girls Camp at Diamond Lake and sharing a tent with you and Lexi- tye-dying t-shirts, gratitude journals, 'rock' climbing the tower, drinking DP and eating pringles... Good times. Love the idea- I'm stealing it!!

poodle said...

so remember when we were first becoming friends, and i ran into you and derek in the clyde building? you were trying to study for your world religions class, and derek was wearing his leaf shirt (remember that thing? it was awful!) we were both making fun of his shirt, and laughing so hard i'm pretty sure we were both crying. ah, i love a good laugh at his expense. haha.

Anth said...

Here's a random memory from when I didn't know you very well yet at college. A bunch of us were hanging out in the "public living room" at Heritage Halls, talking and laughing. Suddenly you said, "Ruth, put your boobs away!" I was so glad you did because her boobs were totally in our faces. Ha ha

Oh and I also like the memory of you playing "Near You Always" on the guitar while I sang along.