Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Last night I made dinner using VEGETABLES GROWN IN MY OWN GARDEN. I feel very proud of this because it's pretty much the only way I'm really reducing my carbon footprint in the world. And, even though I realize it's a small little effort, I keep hearing that it's the small actions of each individual that add up to a more green and better world. And I like the world.

So, here is my confession:

Even when I am proudly eating my delicious lentil and home-grown swiss chard stew I'm secretly wishing it was a slice of Papa John's pizza, soaking in that weird garlic butter along with a side of kraft mac & cheese and accompanied by a tall cherry slurpee.



:: e.k.o said...

:: ha ::
I think we are all a little bit in that boat ;)
And at least you have a green thumb. Every plant I touch turns to ash :(

DAD said...

Your mother and I went Green yesterday and today. We played golf in great Falls aND kALISPEL.