Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ongoing debate

This morning the ear doctor and I locked horns over a very important, nay, EARTH SHATTERING issue. An issue whose seriousness makes those like off-shore drilling, the death penalty, and/or abortion look like insignificant wastes of time. An issue that has reduced me to a gibbering manic not unlike the people who try to make you sign petitions in front of the grocery store.

Are you ready for this?


Too bad, because here I go:

Which type of cereal box closure tab is better? Old school:

Or the updated design:

Help us resolve this crushing debate soon or my marriage may just fall apart, which will drive me to the depths of despair making me too lazy to shower which will cause me to loose my job on account of bad hygiene and I will quickly be reduced to sleeping on park benches and picking through the trash for discarded cereal boxes which I will attempt to close over and over again in a vain attempt to piece together the broken shards of my hopes and dreams.


Jessica said...

I say it's all a moot point if you're not securing the cereal bag well enough!

Tyra said...

I'd have to go with new age, the old school ones rip ALL of the time (at least with my little kiddos hands at them)

CageQueen said...

Phew, I thought I was the only one who noticed they changed!! I totally prefer the old ones!!!

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Sugar and Ice said...

Updated version

TRS said...

I prefer old school... even though they are prone to tearing. But I'm anal retentive so they don't tear in my house.

The Woolleys said...

I have to say the 'updated design' doesn't stay closed as well as the 'old school' design, so I'd go old school, all the way!

Anth said...

Old school. A little care whilst opening the box leads to much higher quality closing later.