Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 100

This week I tried to make this 3 cheese pizza, but, man oh man did I not like it.

Probably becuase I decided to make a poor man's version. Instead of pancetta I used bacon. Instead of cremini's? Plain ole white mushrooms (although these were still pretty good). Instead of just making my own marinara? Store bought. All in all, this turned into a salty mess on a crappy crust.

Here's a step-by-step documentation of the failure.

First, making the crust. I've made lots of homemade pizza before with stunning results, but I tried to make the recipe the website linked me too. Mistake. The recipe said that it would be really sticky coming out of the food processor, but mine was a dry elastic ball of grossness. It was horrible. I knew from the second I took the lid off that it was going to suck and it did. Impossible to roll, not very tasty on the tounge. Just bad.

Then, I had to shread the cheese. I'm sure I've had Fontina before, but I've never cooked with it. I tried to use my processor to shread it, but it just smeared into a big ole mess. Lesson learned, don't take shortcuts with fontina.

Instead of pancetta I used bacon and decided to cook it up before hand. This was a good idea, but probably only added to the salty mess of the aftermath. But I still love bacon with all my heart.

While I was cooking the ear doctor had a photo shoot with Roscoe. He's still really cute, see:

Back to cooking: assembly was fine, but I was wary of the crust. Popped it in the oven for 15 minutes and out came these beauties. The looked really pretty, so I was hoping that my fears were misplaced.

They weren't; it was gross. The ear doctor ate it up like a champ because he knows it'd hurt my feelings otherwise. He even noticed that he got a piece of love pizza.

Cool, huh!?!?!

Reminder: If you want to join the club feel free! This link has a list of all the different recipes from Bonappetit's top 100 dishes that we're going to try. Leave a comment with your suggestion for next week's dish on this post.


Greeneyes said...

Sorry you had a rough go of it!
I made the pizza with my own crust recipe, used prosciutto (the store was out of pancetta), and made a white artichoke sauce instead of using I guess I didn't even follow the dang recipe.
And my hubby grated the crud out of his thumb while hand-shredding the fontina. Maybe you were choosing safety first with the food processor? ; )
At any rate, I was very happy with the results. Good pick.

dltim said...

The pizza looked so good, but I was so busy, I went with the Pizza Pipeline Delvery. Not as good, but filled the need. As a splurge I got trixy sticks too


Anonymous said...

I think Roscoe has the cutest face, especially his nose. He should sign all his communications with his nose print.
grandma jane