Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why being an adult rules

Yesterday I had a rough day. A great friend got laid off and I just couldn't take it. The ear doctor and I went for breakfast before work. As I was driving him back to the house I suddenly got the urge for an ice cream sandwich. The little angelic voice coming from my right shoulder said (in a tone not unlike my mother's):

"ice cream before work? in the morning? that's not healthily. Ice cream is supposed to come in the evening...or at least the afternoon."

But then I turned to my shoulder and asked, "says who?"

Upon hearing no response I shrugged the little voice off and succumbed to my desire.

Here we are, at 8:35 am enjoying our snacks:

Look at how those sandwiches seem to emit a heavenly glow!

Rest assured, it made me feel much better.

Don't worry, the ear doctor did a post-ice-cream-sandwich-teeth check before I went into work.


Janssen said...

I so would have picked the cookie sandwich that the ear doctor got. Just saying :)

CageQueen said...

When we were kids, my mom would let us eat whatever we wanted for breakfast. Her mantra was, "Breakfast is the most important meal, so as long as you're eating *something* it's fine by me." All my teachers would roll their eyes at the fro-yo I'd bring to class in high school.