Friday, July 11, 2008

livin on the edge

No one has ever described me as "edgy." I've never been mistaken for a spontaneous, fly-by-night, free spirit.

This used to really bother me because I thought I wanted to be one of those super fun, yellow personalities who woke up in the morning without a care in the world. Whose life was dictated on a moment to moment time scheme and deadlines just didn't exist. I thought that would really be the LIFE.

As the years have passed I've realized that's just not me. I make plans. And I execute. That's just who I am.

However, in the passed week I've really been stepping out into a dangerous realm, a place filled with frightening possibilities. A place where the unknown and harmful could happen at any second without me even realizing. And guess what? I'm not doing a thing to try to extricate myself from this situation. See:

Oh, what? You can't see what's going on here? Let me give you a better angle.

It's been there for over a week and I keep daringly sitting on it even though I'm well aware of the calamity that may ensue. Thrilling, no?

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Tanya said...

Born to be wild!! ;)

Im probably just as OCD. My new neighbor is stressing me out because we share a porch (our condos have an odd setup) and in the space of 3 days, she has left her red Solo cup of nasty liquid/cigarette butts and a sea of ashes all over my new glass topped patio table AND shes tossing her cans and bottles in my recycling bin, which honestly wouldnt be so bad except for the fact that she splashed red wine all over my white door frame as she tossed!! (I rinse everything before it goes in the bin)

Im trying to practice patience and compassion but Im not pleased at all!