Monday, July 28, 2008

Just stop

I'm having a pretty rough day. Factors are combining, rooms are caving in, and in-boxes are overflowing. I just can't take it sometimes.

That's when I like to run away and go to lunch, which is precisely what I did today. I ran home, grabbed the ear doctor and made him go out with me. Granted, he was a very willing kidnapp-ee.

As I stood in line, craning my neck to see what options I had on the large, over sized, ceiling mounted menu I saw something that wrankled my soul. I thought, "really, why today of all days?"

I was presented with this:

Future food-eatery owners of America,

Stop using stupid catchy phrases on your menu. There is nothing that makes me feel more ridiculous that ordering a "double dilly-yo." Honestly. What is wrong with calling it a sandwich and salad combo?

This kind of stuff happens all over and I've had enough. Even at my favorite sandwich shop (Snarf's) they don't let me order a small, medium or large sandwich. I have to pick between 4", or Snarf's size. Guess what, "SNARF'S" isn't a generally recognized unit of measure.

Don't even get me started on tall vs. grande. Guess what, people, THOSE WORDS MEAN THE SAME THING.

Lets get back to some normalcy that doesn't involve me using the word "dilly-yo" to a 17 year old high school grad.



Janssen said...

Ugh, I hate that too! I worked at cold Stone for a long time in high school and the last year I worked there they changed the sizes to "like it" "love it" and "gotta have it."

People, please.

TRS said...

Thank God someone else said it.

I refuse to play their little game. I say small - I mean the smallest one. Or medium or regular. Don't make me jump through hoops to get a drink man!

Shannon said...

Don't forget about venti...which actually means "twenty" in Italian - I guess that one makes sense, venti drinks at Starbucks are 20 oz....I got nothin' for tall and grande...and the double dilly - yo...yeah, a bit creepy.

k8 said...

oh! i hate that too! i don't want to say ridiculous things when I'm just trying to order a salad.