Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cute like Jane

Last December Nie pledged to go handmade for the Christmas gift giving season. A lot of other people did too.

In an effort to make it easier to find great handmade gifts, Nie put together a handmade Christmas gift giving guide. She's just great like that. I immediately remembered this adorable picture of Jane:

Part of me remembered that adorable clip and part of me remembered that if I don't get a red headed daughter some time in my future I might throw my fits into the air and curse the cruelties in life.

I contacted Julie Persons and told her about Stephanie and Christian's accident. Quicker than I could click refresh on my in-box there was a lovely offer awaiting me. Julie has graciously donated to this auction to help the Nielsons.

You can pick any 3 items out of her etsy store, as long as each item is listed for less than $9. Any 3 items, people! What a DEAL! That means you could get these:

or these:

or even these!

Or 3 of anything else that Juile sells for less than $9! Let's start the bidding....


Maggie said...


lorena said...

$10.00 :)

lorepuckett (at)

Jacqueline said...


Melinda said...

mkworkman @ gmail . com

Disco Mom said...

$25, these are fabulous!

Melinda said...

$30 mkworkman at gmail . com

julie said...

Hi there, Julie Persons here, I just wanted to clarify that you can choose any 3 items that are listed at $9 or less (not just below $9, in case there was any confusion)

so glad you guys like them!


Jacqueline said...



Chessie said...


Disco Mom said...


Jacqueline said...


Garrett said...

This auction is now closed. Thanks!