Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Drama Drama Drama

This weekend was awesome, but it was completely overshadowed by the crappiness that was yesterday.

I had to move.

I, like every other sane person on the planet, hate moving.

I pack all my crap up, become totally amazed by how much crap I've amassed in the past 6 years, start feeling a little overwhelmed at the daunting task before me, get over it, and start the slow process of relocating. This particular move seemed really intimidating because the ear doctor, who had been so kind and helpful moving my furniture on past moves, was up and hour and a half away, up in the mountains at hearing aid camp for the week. I figured I would have to figure out how to move everything on my own this time.

I'd decided to take the day off work so that I could bear down and get it all done.

I naively assumed that since my landlord said I could move in on August 1, that I could actually move in that day.

Foolish, I know.

I showed up at my new house at 9:30 in the morning and was informed that the floors had yet to be cleaned so would I be so kind as to just store my stuff on the back porch until they could come in and put the finishing touches on it.

I said sure, unloaded my first car full to the back porch while taking small glances at the cleaners' progress.

Feeling like this move was going to be no trouble at all, I bounded back to my car to return to my old house for the second car load.

I began refilling my backseat when I heard the sound of tires sliding in gravel to a sudden stop. Slowly I turned my head and was unexpectedly filled with joy.

The ear doctor had driven all the way down just to help me! Just seeing him pull up in his large moving capacity pick-up truck almost brought tears of relief to my eyes.

We loaded almost everything else up in my car and the bed of his truck and took off.

I was expecting the house to be cleaned and ready to move in.

What I was presented with was the contrary.

As I moved from empty room to empty room I became more and more frustrated. The corners of the bedrooms were covered in cobwebs. There was mouse poop in the bottoms of a few closets. The windows were covered in dirt, as well as the window sills. There were actually still dead flies in the tracks of the windows. The sink in my bathroom wouldn't drain properly and the hose to the sprinkler watering the dead grass had sprung a leak, soaking some of my stuff that I'd courteously stored on the porch.

This whole situation is a mess.

My roommate is refusing to pay our security deposit until the place has been properly cleaned. We have no place else to go so our stuff is in piles all over the house. Half of my stuff is out on the back porch covered by a monstrous tarp just waiting for some sketchy/inquisitive neighbor to rifle through and pilfer.

The cleaning people are coming back today to try to clean it again and I'm supposed to call the landlord tonight at 8 to talk again. She doesn't want to hire someone else because she's been working with these people for 20 years, but I'm like, "they aren't getting the job done and I refuse to pay rent for days that i have to live in filth"

Stay tuned for more developments.


Anonymous said...

That stinks yo. Something similar happened to Jennifer and I. One thing we learned, was that if we had already paid our deposit, we didn't have a choice whether or not to pay that first month without some court dates. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You tell those landlords! Good job, keep on them.


The Unprocessed Project said...

What could be worse than moving? Moving into a dirty house I guess. You don't even get to have fun organizing your stuff! Thank goodness for your wonderful bf.

shafnitz said...

Stick it to the man...

k said...

I agree with your take on moving! I despise it so much that even though my rent keeps rising a bit every year, I stay in the same apartment to avoid the hassle of moving (I do truely love the apartment though, even if it is overpriced).

And who were the previous tenants? Must have been a strange crew if they were ok with living with mouse poop!! Good luck!

shafnitz said...

I'm as opposed to moving as the next person. It's the worst. I have to move next week. But, I must say I'm looking forward to moving more than I have in the past. Might have something to do with the fact that I'll be married and moving in with my wife.

Maggie said...

Goo, what a mushy mushy line! PS. Best Wishes Mattie!