Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hittin the slopes

Today it's snowing and, from the weather report I heard on the radio on my way into work, it is supposed to be constant all day today and let up tomorrow morning. How on earth am I expected to get anything done with this kind of distraction?!?!? Seriously, I've only skied ONCE on my brand new beautiful girls.

So far this semester is shaping up to be really awesome. I only have one class on Friday. No work and one class! How awesome is that? Too bad it is at 1 in the afternoon, making it kind of hard to get up to the resorts and back in time, but maybe I can go to eldora in that span of time? Maybe I'll try it next week.


Unknown said...

You could always skip class :) Just kidding. I seriously miss the days of undergrad when that was an option!

k said...

Class right in the middle of the day - what a bummer! Is there night skiing? You could do late afternoon/eaerly evening Friday ski trips!