Monday, January 16, 2006

A Space for Me

Coming back to your real life after taking almost a month off is strange.

I feel like a totally different person.

So different in fact, that this new person required a total overhaul of my bedroom. I just couldn't stand to come back to the same room I left. For all my hard work on the old room, it never really felt like me. It never really made me feel like I chose it. It was an odd place for me to spend so much time because usually I can't stand to have many things happen to me that I'm not totally satisfied with...especially something that is so totally within my control.

So, this weekend before school started, I totally re-decorated my room.

The drab and somewhat boring yellow walls were covered in a beautiful intense green. The wall-to-wall furniture look was thrown out and I purchased a big beautiful white bookshelf to house the books which have shaped my ideas and molded me. The oppressively large TV was moved from an awkward position in the room into the closet where I can shut the doors to the pervasive influence of MTV streaming seamlessly into my brain. Photos of my family, my friends, and my ideas of beauty were framed and hung on the verdant walls.

After everything was done and I sat back on my crisp white bed. I felt calm and secure knowing that this, at least, was within my control. This was a choice I could make without having to worry about it's repercussions on anyone else. This was something that I could take total selfish pleasure in, and not feel the least bit guilty for doing so.


Anonymous said...

I'll say this. You REALLY know who you are and what you like. Glad you enjoyed your month off.


k said...

Every time I'd check your blog and there would be no new post, I got insanely jealous knowing you were still on your winter break! Welcome back!!

be said...

Good work taking a "selfish pleasure." Nothing wrong with that.
Can I make a request? Could you put the comments back on post pages? It makes it easier for me to read when I come from Provo Platinum.

Unknown said...

Calm is good.

Maybe I should convince the wife to rearrange our bedroom. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

I've been in an organizational mode too. You should see my closets!!!

Yay fresh start!

Derrick said...

How about some before and after pictures? I have way too short of an attention span to read so much without the occasional picture.