Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dear neighbor,

I think it is very important to be nice to your neighbors. In my head I still hold this idyllic image of everyone on the block getting together for 4th of July BBQ's. I like thinking that when someone new moves in you bring a plate of cookies because you want to get to know them.

This is why it pains me to have to write this letter.

This morning as I lay in my bed at 6:45 am, I was in a half awakened state. This is my favorite part of the morning. Laying there and realizing that I can turn over, tuck my down comforter up under my chin, search my right foot around for a cool spot in bed and fall back to sleep for half an hour.

Then, your thoughtlessness interrupted my revere.

You started to mow your lawn.

In the etiquette of neighborly-ness (on which I'm sure Emily Post is currently working) it is commonly known that you don't start mowing your lawn at a time when you will be waking up the entire neighborhood.

You and the guy who is re-roofing his house (at 7 am) need to get together and make a pact about this.

Thanks so much for your understanding. I hope this won't damage our relationship, but if you continue I'm going to have to start letting my roommate's dog poo on your lawn.

Fair is fair.




Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

6:45? That's insane. Have some freaking coffee before you start doing chores - would ya?

I know I sleep late compared to others - but the Company my HOA hires to do the lawn shows up at 8:00 which bugs me, but I can't complain. They gotta do it before the sun starts scorching... but 6:45 is nuts.
If I were you I'd report them for disturbing the peace. You're in Boulder - that should fly quite nicely!

k said...

Aughh! I know what you mean - except my neighbors blast my tv until after midnight every night. It stinks!

jordan said...

My neighbor right below me always blasts latin music really loud at 2 in the morning. He complains that I walk in my heels at 8:30 am. I try to be considerate but I really feel like these two offenses aren't in the same category. Technically I can call the cops but I don't think he can call the cops on heels.

Anonymous said...

Mowing the lawn at 6:45 i nothing to complain about. Did you ever stop to think that it's summer and it's hot outside and this person might want to get lawn mowing (a nisty chore) out of the way before the heat of the day? I grew up in Phoenix, and it was not uncommon to be up and mowing by 5 am in the summer.